Tsaritsyno Furniture Manufacturing Factory Has Announced the Purchase of Dry Wooden Bars

The representatives of the factory underline that they need high quality material to improve the manufacturing process and provide the required level of servicing to their clients.

“Tsaritsyno” is a Russia-based manufacturer of soft furniture, which has already won popularity and nice reputation with the clients. The factory uses only advanced technologies and high quality materials in the process of furniture production. They specialize in the manufacture of sofas, corner sofas, pouffes and other types of upholstered furnishings customers are looking for nowadays.

To adhere to the needs, special requirements and preferences of their clients, the owners of the factory have decided to purchase dry wooden bars on the yearly basis. They are ready to establish long-term cooperation with the suppliers of this material. At the same time, they have special requirements as to the quality of the material they wish to buy. These requirements include the sizes of each wooden bar that should consist 50*35*2010/3000, the humidity level that should not exceed 13%, absence of knot marks on each bar, distinct dimensions as well as absence of wane edges, doze and bluestain.

Apart from that, the representatives of the manufacturer have pointed out that they are ready to opt for wooden bars made of pine only. Each bar should be solid and come in packs containing around 8-10 pieces. The demand for the product is around 500-100 cubic meters monthly throughout the year. They ensure credibility and self-haul of the product, which is one of the benefits for the suppliers.

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About the Company:

“Tsaritsyno” is a reputable and popular furniture manufacturing factory, which has won reputation among its customers due to the high quality of products provided, adherence to the needs and preferences of clients and individual approach to each deal. As of today, they focus on the production of soft furniture, including sofas, armchairs, pouffes and corner sofas. The factory employs professional and experienced team of specialists, who are ready to consider each requirement of a client.

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