Grange Physiotherapy Provides a One-Stop Resource for Health and Fitness

Grange Physiotherapy is one of a select number of practices that understands the needs of modern patients, providing services to address a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions along with a fully equipped gym and personal trainers for health and fitness.

Rockingham, WA, Australia – Physiotherapy Rockingham provides patients with a state-of-the-art gym, physio gym sessions and a professional personal trainer that can assist individuals reach their fitness and health-related goals. The gym includes Pilates machines, rehabilitation facilities, and a vibration machine. Training equipment to build strength and endurance, facilitate powerlifting, bodybuilding and general fitness are offered.

The trained physiotherapists have a wide range of options available to ease pain, improve mobility, and rehabilitate current injuries and prior conditions with lingering effects. The clinic treats individuals with multiple types of chronic illnesses and diseases, biochemical imbalances and sports injuries. Specialized women’s services help with pregnancy issues and pelvic floor health.

Grange Physiotherapy aids patients who have posture imbalances, back problems, and muscle and joint pain. Physiotherapy can aid with an extensive variety of conditions of which many people aren’t aware, ranging from migraine headaches to vertigo. The practice’s experts treat the underlying cause of pain and injuries, not just the outward symptoms.

A customized treatment plan is created for each patient that may include hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, clinical Pilates and/or electrical stimulation to achieve the best outcome for the individual. Exercise prescriptions, taping and bracing, and acupuncture may be incorporated to best accommodate the patient’s needs.

Deep tissue release, manipulation and mobilization are all therapies that can be utilized. They work with the body’s own abilities to enhance and speed healing. Soft orthotics can be prescribed to address multiple problems and conditions ranging from uneven leg length, diabetic concerns, and poor posture. GaitScan™ technology aids in identifying biomechanical dysfunction with pinpoint accuracy.

Grange Physiotherapy understands that today’s individuals require more of their physiotherapy practice. The clinic provides a comprehensive array of services to heal, rehabilitate and reduce the risk of injuries, along with a personal trainer and gym facilities to meet the needs of those who want a one-stop resource for health, fitness and wellness.

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