Smart Airwheel Z5 personal 2 wheel electric scooter — Things the Customer Need to Know

In the CeBIT 2016, Airwheel has introduced the fashionable and smart Z5, updating to its successful electric scooter lineup.

Airwheel has introduced the fashionable and smart Z5 foldable electric scooter for adults, updating to its successful electric scooter lineup. The era of new concept scooter is coming. A variety of breakthroughs are bound to usher in a new era of Z5. Here are several things the customer need to know about it. Being light and handy, Z5 gives you an unconstrained riding experience.

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Firstly, the innovative multiple fold system, makes Z5 2-wheeled electric air board super easy to put. The customer could carry it or put it into the backpack easily, which is regarded as one of the most eminent breakthrough of this intelligent scooter. The folded Z5 only covers only 1/2 of the trunk which can be easily stored in home, workshop and trunk. Then, The Customized 8-inch tire provides a better traffic ability with its particular characteristic and stability. Also, it is made of magnesium alloy, designed to be bumpy-patterned for better grip. Special tire with concave and convex texture design improves grip performance to better ensure safety.

As a fast electric scooter, Brake assist system is essential. When there is emergency braking, riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance. Z5 is equipped with the careful consideration of safety, which always appeal to the concept of Airwheel. Also, Z5 electric scooter installs automatic light, based on lighting system to facilitate the understanding of road conditions, and the distance is up to 5 meters. What’s more, riders can monitor the scooter anytime and anywhere in real-time. Just connecting it with a smart phone, monitor system is controlled in the hands of the riders.

The whole world’s automobile industry falters, as no earth-shaking breakthrough takes place and the demands weakens. On the other hand, smart green vehicle are currently thriving. Airwheel, by launching Z5 electric walkcar, taps into the growing demand for smart green vehicles.

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