SME Village Sydney Offers Coworking Space for the Modern Business

SME Village Sydney announced that the facility is offering shared office space, co-working space and hot desk space in the heart of Sydney’s central business district.

Sydney, NSW, Australia –  Companies, organizations and entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields and specialties are utilizing the many options available from SME Village Sydney as their infrastructural foundation. The facilities enable business people to meet, create and operate their business endeavors in a professional environment that can be rented for a day, week, month or year.

SME Village Sydney is a place that never closes, providing those in the business world with the space they need 24/7, even on weekends. Those utilizing any of the company’s facilities have access to an environment of shared office space in which individuals have the opportunity to collaborate, gain inspiration, or work in private if desired.

Coworking space is a convenient solution for those who travel frequently, particularly individuals who may be unfamiliar with the locale. SME Village is equally effective for local businesses and entrepreneurs, offering a cost effective alternative to renting traditional types of space. The company also has 12 hot desks in Sydney available for shared access through a virtual network.

For those who require a meeting room , the company offers two spaces that can comfortably seat six people. SME Village’s executive boardroom seats 14 people in comfort, providing a convenient location for training, business meetings and medium-size seminars.

A comprehensive range of resources are available to conduct business, from 50GHZ WI-FI and HD TV to microphones and color printing. Clients have membership options to ensure they always have a facility ready for any occasion, and a virtual office package is available for those who need a professional presence, but not a physical space.

SME Village provides shower facilities, mail service and member fridges for specific types of rental spaces. The company’s professional facility is located close to transportation routes and is wheelchair accessible. The café offers coffee, tea and a variety of edibles.

SME Village Sydney offers coworking space, hot desks , boardrooms and meeting space for businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations. A vast array of shared resources and amenities provides a cost effective way for local businesses and international firms to conduct business efficiently, effectively, and in comfort.

About SME Village Sydney

SME Village Sydney is a premium coworking facility located in the heart of the CBD. The company offers flexibility and a range of work spaces at a fraction of the cost for any length of time. SME Village Sydney CBD is a place for businesses and business people to connect and collaborate in a professional environment.

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