Orrin Woodward Celebrates Life on Life Anniversary

For the past year, the groundbreaking Life on Life Initiative has set thousands of people free. Volunteers from Life Leadership seek to identify real needs in society and then organize events that will meet those needs; the initiative has sparked real change in people’s lives.

Orrin Woodward, a leadership guru and cofounder of the group behind the initiative, Life Leadership, has marked the one-year anniversary of the program. In cities across the United States, the initiative’s programs have served those in need, providing valuable funding and training for underserved populations. “We are immensely proud of our first year at the helm of this important program,” says Orrin. “Our group is positioned well to continue providing critical training and resources for years to come.” To learn more about the initiative and to read stories about the people the group has helped, visit

The Life on Life Initiative was established in 2015 to give people the tools to achieve functional freedom through life skills training and literacy programs. Education is a critical component of the group’s work, giving participants the tools to take control of their lives and to achieve success. The initiative encourages three levels of contribution to the programs offered by the group. Life Members and corporate sponsors donate financial contributions, while the parent organization produces impactful awareness campaigns. Group participants engage in volunteer efforts, giving freely of their time and their skills to help others. “Volunteerism is the backbone by which the Initiative enters people’s lives,” adds Orrin. “The group has had many thousands of volunteer hours given in support of our literacy and life training programs.” All of the donations made to the group are administered by a 501(c)3 organization and go directly to supporting groups like the Triangle Literacy Council, local non-profits and families in need. The Life on Life Initiative completed its largest project to date in May of 2016 by raising over $100,000 to re-build a home for a family in need.

Life Leadership, the parent organization behind Life on Life, was founded by Orrin Woodward. He is a best-selling author with several titles to his credit. Inc. Magazine calls Orrin one of the top 20 leaders in the country. He even holds a Guinness World Record for the largest book signing ever conducted. As a speaker, he has engaged audiences all over the world with his insightful thoughts on leadership and personal liberty. His popular blogs and Twitter feed have been accessed by millions of followers from around the world. For more information on Orrin and his published books, visit



As the founder and Board Chairman of Life Leadership, Orrin Woodward has devoted his career to helping others learn skills for leadership. He is a best-selling author, a presenter, an entrepreneur, and a leadership and management expert. Orrin’s work has been celebrated by prominent business publications like Inc. and Forbes, and he is followed by thousands of fans on Twitter, where he is considered one of the nation’s preeminent leadership gurus.

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