Technicians can now advocate their brand along with rendering service with Syoptek’s custom fiber optic tool kits

The launch of the renowned Chinese optic fiber company’s custom fiber optic tool kit promises not only to empower technicians to render sterling service to their customers, but also to advocate their own brand and thereby enhance business.

China - This new state of the art tool kit will prove to be a godsend to technicians who hope to stay ahead of competition in the dynamic and extremely competitive scenario that prevails in the optic fiber industry.

The CEO and Managing Director of Sypotek says: “Our product provides a window of opportunity to the savvy technicians to make the most of the opportunity provided by an existing customer by serving them in a way that can’t be matched by others.

This will allow them to develop and nurture a long term relationship with the customer that can only stand them in very good stead.”

That apart a custom optic fiber cleaner doubles up as powerful branding and advocacy vehicle. In fact that is true of a whole slew of all inclusive fiber tool kits that include essential items like plier, splicer, stripper, scissors, tweezers, tube cutters, wrench, blow brush and screwdriver as well as a range of specialist kits like fiber optic splicing tool kits, fiber optic cleaning and inspection kits, basic fiber cleaning kits, fast connector termination kits, single mode and multimode fiber optic test kits and so on.

Other specialist items like one click cleaner or Fiber Optic Cleaning kit:

further embellish the armory of a technician who is a go getter an achiever. What particularly helps them is the fact that such tool kits can be used to promote the brand and logo or even the contact details of an individual technicians or whole lot of them working for a company.

The fact of the matter is that the stellar quality of Sypotek products combined with the power of leveraging the branding of a company or a highly skilled individual makes for very effective marketing and consequently enhanced sales. It therefore makes eminent sense both for established companies as well as up and coming ones to invest in these specialist custom fiber tool kits.

Going forward Sypotek promises to introduce more such specialist optic fiber tool kits to assist industry specialists to serve their customers in better and more innovative ways. In a sense Sypotek is proving to be the life blood of the optic fiber cable industry.

SYOPTEK is a renowned manufacturer of fiber optic tools. Their mission is to be a first-class and reliable passive components OEM expert and partner, and to this end they are devoted to providing excellent quality, highest price-to-performance passive component products with fast delivery, quick support and upmost customer satisfaction.

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