The Gun Range is Pleased to Announce Placer/El Dorado County CCW Gun Classes

Helping gun owners & carriers understand California state gun laws, gun safety, and proper shooting methods

Owning a firearm is more than just learning how to shoot and carrying the proper licenses. California residents should also understand legal carry and conceal laws, proper equipment training, gun safety techniques, and proper shooting methods. The Gun Range proudly announces that the company is now open to enrollment in their Placer/El Dorado County CCW gun classes , which are headed by the company’s lead firearms instructor, Michael Kennedy.

“Michael has been teaching wide range shooters for many years,” said Rod Ibey, General Manager at The Gun Range. He has successfully trained thousands of shooters.

The company’s Placer County CCW training program is a one 8-hour training course that helps participants understand the basics of California state laws, gun safety and handling techniques, proper shooting methods, and live fire exercises. Four hour CCW renewal classes are also available.

The eight-hour course is reasonably priced at $120 for the first firearm and includes the range fee. “We also help people qualify for additional CCW firearm certifications,” Ibey says. Additional firearm certification cost an additional $10 each.

“Our classes are designed to give the shooting community every available resource they need to be able to carry their firearms responsibly and legally,” Ibey says. “We can even provide ammunition, safety gear, and holsters, if necessary.”

Although Michael Kennedy states that “you only need your enthusiasm” to enter his instruction classes, there are a few additional items interested members of the community should bring with them to class.

- The handgun(s) desired for qualification(s)
- Two magazines and speed loaders per gun
- A holster for each firearm
- Eye and ear protection

For more information about The Gun Range’s Placer/El Dorado County CCW gun classes or to register for the next available class, visit or call 916-972-1484.

Rod Ibey
The Gun Range
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