MBA in Supply Chain Management from AIMS is Becoming Widely chosen OnlineDegreeProgram

Widely popular and highly trusted one of the best online institutes for professional education - Academy for International Modern Studies recently highlighted the importance of MBA in Supply Chain Management.

“The trends of the world are changing, and now studying supply chain management in-depth is equally as important as studying other fields like Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource because without efficiently managing the supply chain, no company can succeed; hence the importance of supply chain managers is increasing and now all the highly reputed companies are in search of certified supply chain managers, but unfortunately there are still not many online institutes that offer Masters in supply chain management except a few - including AIMS”, stated the spokesperson of AIMS.

AIMS also discussed that the MBA in Supply Chain Management program is gaining popularity, and is strengthening its position among other MBA programs in the UK and worldwide. They also discussed the reason why AIMS MBA in Supply Chain Management is gaining popularity, the reasons include:

- First, the program is offered online, which allow candidates to schedule their studies at their own pace.
- Second, the curriculum includes the course contents of other renowned certifications, such as Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) from APICS and Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM) of ISCEA.
- And third, the program allows students to get Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE) and Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM) certifications before they complete the full MBA.

Hence, hundreds of people have by now enrolled in AIMS MBA in Supply Chain Management and the number of scholars is increasing at a very fast pace. AIMS is having more and more scholars being enrolled in their Supply Chain Management degree program every semester, especially people who are seeking a successful career in a variety of areas and industries, including Logistics, Warehouses/Stores, Airlines/Shipping-Lines, Purchasing, Education, Manufacturing, Import/Export, and Freight Forwarding.

The reason why people are widely preferring AIMS MBA in Supply Chain Management Program is that it apart from affordable fee structure and a great reputation in the market, Academy for International Modern Studies offers course instructors that have years of industry experience, so the students are able to gain not only course knowledge via AIMS MBA in SCM, but they also get a chance to have in-depth information about the industry.

So, if anyone is interested in AIMS MBA in Supply Chain management, they may go to for further details


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