Attorney Jason Steinberger Successfully Defends Ryan Hemphill in a One-Week Long Assault Trial

Ryan Hemphill accused of criminal assault of ex-girlfriend, found innocent

Ryan Hemphill, the Manhattan lawyer charged with criminal assault charges in 2015, has been found innocent by the Manhattan Supreme Court, thanks to defense attorney Jason A. Steinberger. Steinberger, founder and lead defense attorney at the Law Offices of Jason A. Steinberger , argued that Hemphill’s former girlfriend, pre-kindergarten teacher Christina Leos, story changed numerous times throughout the process of Hemphill’s arrest and trial.

Hemphill and Leos met through the dating site eHarmony. In 2013, a month after they began dating, Leos claimed that Hemphill threatened to cause severe bodily harm to her during two, separate, heated arguments. However, during the trial, her story changed.

“Her story on the stand regarding the incidents was wildly different than what she reportedly told the authorities,” Steinberger said.

Steinberger says he is “happy to have been able to help a fellow lawyer.”

According to reports, the assault hearing lasted approximately one-week at the Manhattan Supreme Court, but it only took jurors a day and a half to decide in Hemphill’s favor.

According to Hemphill, “the District Attorney’s office had little to no evidence.”

“My client was innocent, and we proved his innocence before the judge and jury. He deserves to live a happy life,” Steinberger said following the case.

Jason Steinberger is a former New York state prosecutor, former New York state Assistant District Attorney, and former Adjunct New York Criminal Law professor at Hofstra Law School. His firm currently specializes in criminal defense, DUI, and DWI cases throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island regions of New York.

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