Redesigned Learn Korean 6000 Words Launched through Android App Store

Learn Korean 6000 Words has a steady user base among Korean language learners, especially beginners.

<p><a href=""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1396" src="" alt="seolabservicex1160" width="300" height="300" /></a></p> <p>USA&nbsp;-&nbsp;Fun Easy Learn, a reputable vocabulary app developer, recently tweaked the UI design of one of their most popular apps. The developers at Fun Easy Learn said the newly designed app is loaded with new features as well. They added that the Learn Korean 6000 Words user interface is very similar with that of the updated versions of many other language learning apps designed by Fun Easy Learn. One senior developer described the design upgrade as &lsquo;phenomenal&rsquo;. He said that the newly designed app is way different from all the previous versions of the Learn Korean 6000 Words app.</p> <p>&ldquo;We have designed the latest version of the Korean language learning app in a way so that it attracts even the most inactive of learners. The language learning app is interactive, feature-heavy and minimalistic from an aesthetic point of view&rdquo;, he summed up the new features of the latest version of the <strong><a href="">Learn Korean 6000 Words</a></strong> app in a nutshell.</p> <p>According to the developers, the primary challenge was to fix the bugs that used to hinder user experience. &ldquo;We used to get a lot of queries and reviews from our users regarding the technical glitches. We have identified and have successfully fixed the bugs. We think this is another great thing about this latest updated version of the Learn Korean 6000 Words app&rdquo;, said a team member who was part of the development and re-designed project. He also indicated that all the other apps of the Learn Language 6000 Words franchise would be updated in the near future, if not already done.</p> <p>The CEO of Fun Easy Learn told the press that they want to make Korean language learning relatively easy for beginner. &ldquo;For a matter of fact, Korean language is in itself one of the most complex languages to learn. We wanted to streamline and simplify things for our users. The newly designed version of <strong>Learn Korean</strong> 6000 Words app is easier to use, the UI is cleaner than ever before and we have kept the bugs at bay&rdquo;, he said during a press conference.</p> <p>About the Company</p> <p>Fun Easy Learn is a leading e-learning app development firm.</p> <p>To know more, visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Watch the YouTube video at <strong></strong></p>


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