Newsbox Has Introduced the New Product at the E-Health Market

The implementation of online technologies in all the spheres of human life has notably improved the quality and efficacy of the services provided.

<p>The implementation of online technologies in all the spheres of human life has notably improved the quality and efficacy of the services provided. This concerns the healthcare system as well, where the need to implement technological innovations has become not a whim, but a necessity. Realizing this fact, has introduced the new product, which has already become the number one virtual assistant at the e-health market.</p> <p> is a professional and trusted team of software developers, who are experienced in creating and maintaining programs for web communication. Their goal is to enhance the quality of the medical treatment and optimize the work of healthcare specialists by means of using advanced technological innovations. With this purpose, they have introduced the virtual assistant, which combines the best features of telemedicine and patient portal technology. This is what the specialists tell about the project: &ldquo;The eHealth market is quickly emerging and rapidly changing. Our team is riding the wave of these exciting developments, working hard to improve hospital admission risk prediction, patient engagement, safety, interoperability and usability when producing our software.&rdquo;</p> <p>The advanced service makes it possible to conduct online consultations with the patients via video and audio calls as well as text chat, schedule the appointments in the convenient way, track the efficacy of the system&rsquo;s performance and manage the updates in the schedule through the personal health records of a patient.</p> <p>Both the patients and the doctors benefit from using the software. The patients avail better interaction with their healthcare specialists, save their precious time when appointing the consultations, get a chance to get the best outpatient treatment and access their personal data any time they consider it necessary. The doctors, in their turn, can optimize the follow-up treatment, track the health condition of their patients in the real-time mode and appoint the meetings using automated reminders. As a result, this helps reduce the amount of cancellations, no-shows and hospitalizations.</p> <p>Another advantage of the new software provided by the is its 24/7 accessibility. Doctors and patients can offer and use telemedicine services any time of the day, using their smartphones, tablets, iPads and other devices.</p> <p>For more information, please, feel free to visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>About the Company:</p> <p> is a team of professional and experienced software developers, the basic goal of which is the creations and servicing of programs meant to ensure superior web interaction options. They have recently introduced the new healthcare virtual assistance, which has quickly become popular both among the doctors and the patients. The program helps save time, reduce the amount of hospitalizations and improve the efficacy of the treatment process. It makes it possible for the doctors to track their patients&rsquo; health condition and schedule the meetings online. Apart from that, the software may be used to conduct online consultations with the patients via the text messaging option as well as audio and video calls. All the services are available 24/7.</p> <p>Contact Info:<br /> Address: Web CS Limited, 6 St. David&rsquo;s Square, Westferry Road, London, United Kingdom, E14 3WA<br /> Tel.: +44 (0) 20-351-984-77<br /> E-mail:<br /> Facebook:<br /> Twitter:<br /> Linkedin:<br /> Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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