Mid Michigan Metal Sales Announces End-of-Year Sale For The New EconoRib Siding Panels

Mid Michigan Metal Sales announces the introduction of the EconoRib sheet metal siding. To celebrate, they are having a year-end sale for only $0.50 per square foot.

<p>Mid Michigan Metal Sales is pleased to announce that it is launching a limited time end-of-year sale for its EconoRib Siding Panels. These panels are the same quality and gauge as the Hardy Rib panels which are also sold by Mid Michigan Metal Sales. The only difference between the Hardy Rib and the EconoRib is that the EconoRib is available in white only. Otherwise, customers can enjoy the same high quality products which are associated with the Hardy Rib brand, and the customer-based service of Mid Michigan Metal Sales, at a price savings.</p> <p>The EconoRib coating carries a ten year warranty. The testing done on the panels to determine their resistance to all types of weather conditions shows that these panels are guaranteed to hold up in the Michigan climate. The bright white EconoRib panels are perfect for installing as a liner in garages, or as an enclosure for patios. Improving the outdoor living space, or improving the appearance of a garage will increase the home value as well as its functionality.</p> <p>The price of the EconoRib panels has been reduced to $.50 per square foot until 12/22/2015 or while supplies last. The inventory clearance sale price cannot be combined with other offers from the firm, and there are no rain checks allowed on the price.</p> <p>According to a spokesperson for Mid Michigan Metal Sales, &ldquo;We are a full-service roofing and siding supply shop, able to create top quality metal roofing for motivated DIYers or experienced roofing specialists. The sale on our EconoRib Siding panels allows you to prepare for upcoming siding needs and lock in the savings ahead of time.&rdquo;</p> <p>When job orders are received, the response is fast and accurate. Turn-around periods can be a little as twenty-four hours, but are never more than a few days. There is a customizable bend shop located in-house, so customers will always be able to match the products exactly. Both <strong><a href="">Standing Seam panels</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">Hardy Rib panels</a></strong> are run in-house. They are cut to the inch, to eliminate waste of materials.</p> <p>In addition to the EconoRib panels, <strong><a href="">Mid Michigan Metal Sales</a></strong> stocks all the necessary accessories required to finish the job of installing the siding panels accurately and quickly. The specialty tools which are needed by DIYers or professionals are available for sale or rental.</p> <p>100% financing is available for customers with approval in less than one minute. Customers may also benefit from zero percent financing arrangements.</p> <p>Contact Information<br /> Contact Person: Joey Miller<br /> Company: Mid Michigan Metal Sales<br /> Address: G3336 S Dort Hwy, Burton, MI, 48529<br /> Telephone: (810) 744-0344<br /> Toll Free Number: (800) 615-8416<br /> Email:<br /> Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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