Frank Sinatra - Founded Accolade Granted To Vodka Mariette

Founded in 1949, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the foremost reviewer of luxury hospitality brands and experiences.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1612" src="" alt="joshwinzelberg" width="264" height="235" /></p> <p>Founded in 1949, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the foremost reviewer of luxury hospitality brands and experiences. This December, as the 100th Birthday of founder Frank Sinatra approaches, the AAHS has announced that they will grant The Star Diamond award to new spirit, Vodka Mariette. The Star Diamond is the highest accolade in the luxury world, and rarely has it been given to alcoholic beverages.</p> <p>The AAHS started as a restaurant-rating bureau, founded in 1949 by a plethora of luxury sector veterans and experts including Frank Sinatra. It continues today, under the guidance of Joseph Cinque, critiquing only the most esteemed hospitality experiences. Those brands that represent the cr&egrave;me de la cr&egrave;me are given the International Star Diamond Award. Previous recipients include The Beverly Hills Hotel, Le Cirque, ABC Kitchen, Jean Georges, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz Manhattan and reach all four corners of the globe. Very few spirits have garnered the award since Patron Tequila many years ago.</p> <p>December 12th marks Frank Sintra&rsquo;s 100th birthday and in his honor, the AAHS has announced a new member of the exclusive Star Diamond club. The brand chosen is that of new spirit, Vodka Mariette. In France there is an old phrase, &ldquo;vive la diff&eacute;rence.&rdquo; It means &lsquo;long live the difference&rsquo; and represents an appreciation and celebration of diversity. This belief has driven the conception of Vodka Mariette: being unique and producing something beyond any other. Mariette isn&rsquo;t just a beautiful French girls name, it actually means, &ldquo;Little Rebel.&rdquo; In accordance with this, the brand highlights a different female entrepreneur each month. Mariette is distilled 5x in Bordeaux using only French, GMO-free whole wheat and water from the Ambes Spring. The floor of this spring is covered in Eocene Era volcanic rock and actually deionizes the water. As a result of these precious ingredients and craftsmanship, the final vodka is exceptionally smooth, crisp and refreshing.</p> <p>Due to the unquestionable high quality of the vodka, the care given in its creation, the beauty of its presentation, the experience it provides consumers and unique branding, AAHS is confident in Vodka Mariette. In particular, the fact that the brand makes a statement [of being a little rebel] is something the organization felt is not seen enough among products and made Mariette stand out. &ldquo;We are so truly honored for this accolade. After six years of reverence and obsession over producing something special, this lets us know we&rsquo;ve succeeded.&rdquo; Said Vodka Mariette founder and president, Josh Winzelberg.</p> <p>"What this honor includes for the brand is an award ceremony in the beginning of 2016, placement of the 2016 Star Diamond Award trademark logo on all bottles soon after, and coverage in the upcoming issue of Star Diamond World Luxury Travel &amp; Lifestyle magazine which is distributed in all AAHS-rated establishments. Members of AAHS have the advantage of being part of an esteemed network of luxury hospitality professionals who collaborate together. We are looking forward to pour Vodka Mariette at events amongst the finest hotels and restaurants in the AAHS Star Diamond Collection."</p> <p>For more information on Vodka Mariette, visit</p> <p>Contact Info:<br /> Josh Winzelberg<br /> President, Vodka Mariette<br /> Address: 175 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014<br /> Phone: 855-615-9469 x700<br /> Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @VodkaMariette<br /> Email:<br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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