London Company Builds Bitcoin Mining Hardware

London, UK - After six months of hard work BitcoinMinersUK are please to be releasing their very own Bitcoin Mining Hardware in the next few days, the BMUK-5 and BMUK-10. With a desire to be competitively priced, independent of their suppliers and seeing room for improvement, decided it was time to build their own hardware.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1640" src="" alt="noodesmugabes" width="298" height="235" /></p> <p>The feedback of existing customers and using hardware in their own mining farms for prolonged periods of time, saw room for improvement in certain areas of the design. Many of their customers both large and small scale miners complained about how untidy, noisy and inconvenient miners are when they are not encased, so it was decided to make a point of their miners having the following features:</p> <p>4 U Rack mountable aluminum case &ndash; The BMUK 5 and 10 both make use of this brilliant case which can be positioned vertically (like a tower pc) for small individual miners or rack mounted for a well organized, modular mining rig.</p> <p>Liquid Cooling &ndash; Both miners make use of liquid cooling, which are capable of 4000 watts of heat dissipation which reduces noise levels massively.</p> <p>It has been hard work for the team, but certainly worth-while, the savings have been so good Bitcoin Miners UK can offer liquid cooled hardware for the same price as air cooled hardware.</p> <p>&ldquo;Our customer feedback shown Noisy Fans to be the biggest area for complaint and we have found the noise in large mining farms to be almost unbearable, to the point of people living nearby complaining. Liquid cooling has reduced noise to an acceptable level.&rdquo; - Adam Smith - CTO</p> <p>The BMUK-5 produces 5 Ths (5000 Ghs) of Hasing Power, uses 1250 Watt at the wall giving an efficiency of 0.24 Joules per Giga-Hash. This has been achived with the use of 166 28nm asic chips.</p> <p>The BMUK-10 produces double what the BMUK-5 does but still uses the same size case, this is perfectly adequate as the cooling system within the 4 U Rack Mountable case is rated up to 4000w.</p> <p>Having Hosted Miners located in Iceland enables the use electricity which is under a third of the price of the UK, meaning they can earn their customers a lot more money and can run the miners for a lot longer before they become obsolete. Using miners which produce around half the noise will enable large mining farms to run more miners without affecting people living nearby.</p> <p>Bitcoin Miners UK haven't left it there, in 2016 they plan to be launching a miner which will make use of the 20nm ASIC chip which will increase the efficiency and profitability even more.</p> <p>Contact:<br /> James Lewis<br /> Bitcoin Miners UK<br /> Tel: 0207 434 0353<br /><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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