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Diamond Technical Surveys (DTS) has moved a step up by designing a website

<p>While new and more sophisticated ways of tackling home improvement are still being realized, Diamond Technical Surveys (DTS), which is a leading distributor of Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging products and services, has moved a step up by designing a website that is also an online store for their products and services.</p> <p>This website, owned by DTS, offers a broad array of services and products coupled with insightful reporting across different applications that features various products and services that offer solutions for the petrochemical industry, among others, and full time customer care support for the home improvement industry.</p> <p>There is a variety of products which can be viewed and bought from this website, such as FLIR thermal imaging products and Cordex cameras and accessories. Their extensive inventory is one of the best in their industry.</p> <p>The infrared products available by DTS on their website include thermal cameras, infrared windows, test and measurement equipments, intrinsically safe imaging cameras, Cordex and FLIR accessories, FLIR tools, software and reporting software.</p> <p>The test and measurement products on the website include FLIR V570, videoscope, vibrating NCV with flash light, multi moisture meter with meterlink and high accuracy DMM with meterlink.</p> <p>DTS also offers various services which can be accessed though the website which include: roof and moisture intrusion inspection, mechanical infrared inspections, infrared windows installation, process heater installation, steam/ air conditioning, electronical infrared inspections, ITC training and other infrared inspections.</p> <p>Class infrared inspections offered on the site are conducted by highly trained thermographers who have years of experience and are considered to be the best in the field.</p> <p>From the website, for a multitude of industrial applications, DTS provides thorough and comprehensive inspection services that help their clients reduce unscheduled downtime and unplanned maintenance costs, thereby increasing energy efficiency, asset utilization, safety and profits.</p> <p>DTS offers a unique advantage in the infrared refractory inspections because they employ former refractory inspectors and installers who have vast knowledge and years of experience in the industry.</p> <p>The products and services stated above can be viewed and purchased using e-payment systems. The website provides easy access and fast processing of each purchase.</p> <p>According to a testimonial by one of their clients, their thermographers are the best the client has ever worked with anywhere. The thermographer was very knowledgeable, professional and worked well with his technicians. Their reports also are said to be very detailed and helpful.</p> <p>The company's website, <strong><a href=""></a></strong> , clearly provides areas where the products and services can be accessed and explained, has free contact to their support team, testimonials from some of their clients, and many more helpful, user-friendly areas which are tailored to build their ever growing client base.</p> <p>Driven by the need to overcome their clients downtime, DTS offers most, if not all, of the products and services on their website according to their clients' specifications which also help reduce their clients' capacity costs, increase efficiency, lower safety incidents and maximize utilization.</p> <p>Contact:<br /> Ken Brevell<br /> Diamond Technical Surveys<br /> 23221 Aldine Westfield Road #710, Spring, TX 77373<br /> (888) 642-5917<br /> (281) 379-6450<br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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