Underground LA Artist breaks into Acting. Appearing on NCIS December 15th, 2015

CBS hit show NCIS to feature Pasadena artist Ralph Michael Brekan.

<p>Hollywood, CA - The hit show NCIS, now in it's 13th season on CBS, will feature Pasadena pop-artist Ralph Michael Brekan on the holiday episode 'Spinning Wheel', airing on December 15th, 2015. Brekan portrays victim 'Rufus Simms', the foil in the procedural plotline.</p> <p>Ralph Michael Brekan, most celebrated for his outlandish digital photomontage artworks and avant garde experimental films, was selected by NCIS director, Terrence O'Hara, to portray the victim Rufus Simms. The producers selected Brekan after a casting director suggest Brekan interview for the part. After meeting at the Valencia Studios offices O'Hara chose Brekan, who's prior experiences in television include set dressing and lamp operating. This is Brekan&rsquo;s first national appearance in front of the camera.</p> <p>Brekan, best known for his groundbreaking art works and provocative cultural statements, makes his living as a professional filmmaker and theatrical stagehand. He relocated to Los Angeles from Phoenix, Arizona in 2014 to assume the role of props master at the Pasadena Playhouse. In addition to background acting, Brekan is currently creating new fine artwork for an upcoming solo exhibition and production designing a SAG ultra-low-budget feature film staring Ralph Macchio and Mae Whitman, titled ' A Dog and Pony Show.'</p> <p>The role of Rufus Simms on NCIS opens up new acting avenues for the artist. Brekan is taking this opportunity in stride, holding a realistic outlook on professional acting.</p> <p>"I had already given up on the idea of taking on-camera roles back in high school," says the 41-year old artist. "First off, what are the odds of getting a SAG card?" He laughs continuing, "I'm very lucky, and grateful, that Terrence O'Hara and Mark Horowitz chose me for the role on NCIS.&rdquo; Background actors can go years, some their entire career without this opportunity." Brekan adds.</p> <p>"I kind of became stuck in this idea that filmmaking happens behind the camera. But, really what are people watching? The set I've designed? The light I hung? The prop I carefully set on the counter?" Brekan smiles, "The audience comes to watch the actors perform within the world we create. I'm ready to step into that world; the world of acting."</p> <p>Now eligible for membership in SAG-AFTRA, the union representing on-screen talent, Ralph Michael Brekan is actively seeking talent agency referrals and celebrity management representation. Talent agents and artist management companies looking to add to their roster are currently booking interviews with the artist in hopes of signing this rising star before January 1st, 2016.</p> <p>More information on Brekan can be found on his IMDB page: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Contact<br />Ralph Michael Brekan<br />818-527-5539<br /></p>


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