OpenWeb introduces Home Uncapped PLUS from R129

OpenWeb has introduced a brand new range of products that will suit the heavier internet user.

<p><strong>OpenWeb</strong> has introduced a brand new range of products that will suit the heavier internet user.&nbsp; Named Home Uncapped PLUS, this product was designed for users who enjoy downloading, gaming, streaming and similar.</p> <p>&ldquo;The market is flooded with cheap Uncapped ADSL products that were made for users who browse and email mainly. Home Uncapped PLUS fills the gap between the cheap Uncapped accounts and the Premium Uncapped accounts. When we designed the product, we asked ourselves, when do users mainly use their accounts?&nbsp; The answer was a unanimous &lsquo;After Hours&rsquo;.&nbsp; This fits into the following time window: Weekdays 19:00 to 07:00 and all weekend. Due to this we have placed a special focus on the After Hours time window, giving our Home Uncapped PLUS clients priority during these times which will allow them to download, stream and game without worry.&rdquo; Says Keoma Wright, Founder of</p> <p>Packages are prices as follows:<br />1Mbps Home Uncapped PLUS &ndash; R129<br />2Mbps Home Uncapped PLUS &ndash; R229<br />4Mbps Home Uncapped PLUS &ndash; R389<br />6Mbps Home Uncapped PLUS &ndash; R449<br />10Mbps Home Uncapped PLUS &ndash; R549<br />20Mbps Home Uncapped PLUS &ndash; R999</p> <p><strong>Account Specifications:</strong></p> <p>- The data works on ADSL, VDSL and Telkom Fibre lines<br />- The accounts allow for 1 concurrent line to be connected to it at any given time, but unlimited connections from the single line.<br />- Priority on Streaming, Gaming and Downloads after hours<br />- Data only</p> <p>Home Uncapped PLUS is immediately available from OpenWeb.&nbsp; Clients can order by visiting:&nbsp; <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p><strong>About:</strong></p> <p> is South Africa's most innovative Broadband ADSL supplier offering ADSL, VDSL, Mobile and Fibre across South Africa.</p> <p><strong>Contact:</strong><br />Keoma Wright<br />Phone: +27861224466<br />Address: PO Box 491,&nbsp;Ballito&nbsp;4420,&nbsp;South Africa<br />Email:&nbsp;</p>


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