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Long gone are the days when kids and teens were happy to stay on the user side of their software.

<p>Long gone are the days when kids and teens were happy to stay on the user side of their software. With the youth of today more tech savvy than ever before, this generation want to know what goes into each pixel and every gameplay that they see on their mobile devices on a daily basis.</p> <p>To meet this surge of budding tech talent London-based training company, Bermotech is now offering an all new suite of programming courses in both iOS and Android app development.</p> <p>Taking inspiration from that age old adage &lsquo;teach them while they&rsquo;re young&rsquo; Bermotech helps children and young adults - from the novice to the expert - take the next steps in furthering Application Development interests and aptitudes.</p> <p>Why Bermotech?</p> <p>Simply put Bermotech assists those coding enthusiasts that may not know how to take their passion further. It helps students to capitalise on opportunities and embark on successful software careers. Yet no matter what the reasons are, all students agree that Bermotech is the best provider to position them to take advantage of the rising app phenomenon.</p> <p>What&rsquo;s the difference?</p> <p>While Bermotech isn&rsquo;t the first and won&rsquo;t be the last app development training company what cuts them apart is something quite special.</p> <p>Primarily their programmes are geared towards children and teenagers - ideally between 9 and 15 years of age - and all to support the teaching of technical talent in its infancy.</p> <p>They also have courses for everyone, just made to suit varying skillsets. This way each student can work at a pace that is a benefit to them - with the added bonus of being flexible enough to accommodate all with weekday and weekend course options available.</p> <p>Primarily running during the half-term and summer holidays, Bermotech also offers term time courses for both kids and teens that accommodate the academic timetable rather than hinder it.</p> <p>With a new year beckoning term time courses run from the 9th January 2016 and over a matter of weeks along with 1 day intensive courses beginning in February.</p> <p>About Bermotech</p> <p>With growing interest in iOS and Android app development Bermotech has positioned itself as a leading training and solutions provider that offers courses on both platforms.</p> <p>Teaching students by combining the power of theory with hands-on programming activities, Bermotech trains each student to acquire and develop the skills needed to make it on either mobile platform.</p> <p>Find out how Bermotech helps kids everywhere get coding through custom courses at <strong><a href=""></a></strong> today</p> <p>Contact:<br />Narges Berry<br />Address: Bermotech, Hampstead Design Hub, 39 Fairfax Road, London, NW6 4EL, UK<br />Telephone: 020 7586 1602<br />Email:<br />Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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