Merging of multiple PDFs into Single Document with PDFMerge

PDF solutions offer streamlined applications that help in managing documents of various types like the word, PPT, images, PDF and others and also help in conversion from one format to another. The latest to come from PDF solutions is the PDFMerge. PDFMerge helps in merging multiple PDFs into a single document.

<p>PDFMerge has proved to be the best option to merge multiple PDFs into a single document without much complexity and expense. Based on PDFSharp, PDFMerge not only comes free of cost, but also comes with many advantages with it. Firstly, it is small size of just about 600 KB and the speed is really high. v1.19, which is the latest version of PDFMerge has a new interface that can support all the versions of Windows from 98 to the latest version.</p> <p>The graphical user interface of <strong><a href="">PDFMerge</a></strong> is dialogue-style with four buttons on it. The four buttons are 'Add PDF File, 'Remove Selected', 'Remove All' and 'Merge Now'. There are optional downloads with freeware as commercials with broadcast TV. All the buttons are easy to use and are self-explanatory. These buttons are used to add files to the program's main window and also for choosing a destination folder to save the single document.</p> <p>The job is done very quickly in just a few seconds and the user will see the merged PDF document in the target folder with in no time. The merged document opens easily and displayed very normally in the default PDF viewer.&nbsp; Though larger batches take longer time to merge into a single document, which is expected, the speed is still very impressive. Though it is quite easy to handle the task, the web page still does include some instructions and a support link for any help that the user may want. There are other PDF tools available for those who require more complexity or settings. Some of these tools also come free of cost.</p> <p>About PDFMerge</p> <p>Free PdfMerge is a tool that uses the PDFSharp library and is both command line and General user interface driven.</p> <p>Media Contact<br />URL: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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