Converting Images in PNG Format Into JPG Format Has Now Become Easy

The Free PNG to JPG Converter Comes Not Only with Standard Features But with Advanced Options As Well.

<p>Those who wish to convert their images into other formats may be interested in the news that a PNG to JPG Converter software is out from the stables of Free Picture Resizer. Further, Free Picture Resizer has decided to offer this app absolutely free of cost and this may benefit a number of users.</p> <p>This app helps in converting the images in PNG extension to the popular image format of JPG. It is a known fact that JPG is the most widely used format in almost all the digital imaging devices including digital cameras and also in various computer apps. Almost all the standard imaging apps support this format and hence, users may justifiably look for converting their images into JPG format.</p> <p>The Free <strong><a href="">PNG to JPG Converter</a></strong> is easy to use and apart for converting images, it can help in resizing the pictures as well. The app comes with some preset ratios and users can select them. But it is not necessary that users should confine their options to these preset rations. They have the option of using the "Advanced Convert" section that allows them to specify the size in which their converted images should be. They can change the quality of the images also using the quality option which means they can change the compression level of the converted images. If users select less number of images for the quality aspect, they can apply more compression to the images.</p> <p>Users can change the names of the files also to numeric names. Those who opt for this feature will find it easy to use the series of images. The "Advanced Convert" section comes with a few additional settings for conversion. So, users can specify the size of the converted images as well as the quality. While renaming files, they can define a prefix and a postfix which means they can change the length of the prefix as well as the starting number.</p> <p>About the Free PNG to JPG Converter</p> <p>The Free PNG to JPG Converter is from the stables of Free Picture Resizer. This app helps in converting images in PNG into the most popular format of JPG. There are standard as well as advanced options in this app and so, users who opt for this can benefit immensely.</p> <p>For Media Contact: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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