PDF Unlocker Remove Password From Secured PDF Files

The new PDF Unlocker software from PDF solutions helps the user to open the document which is password restricted. Even if the user forgets the password to open the file, the PDF Unlocker helps in cracking into the document using brute force and dictionary method. The PDF Unlocker helps in removing all the passwords and any other restrictions from the secured PDF files and allows the user to open and view the PDF document without any hassles.

The whole process takes hardly a few minutes and can be done in about two to three easy steps. This software comes free of cost and can be downloaded to your PC or laptop. The software supports all the versions of Windows starting from 98 till the latest version of Windows. Once the user downloads the software, all that the user needs to do is to select the PDF file which is restricted and for which the user has forgotten the password. Once the PDF file is chosen, the user just needs to click on the Unlock My PDF button and the document would be open or unlocked within no time.

With the help of the PDF Unlocker software, the user can not only unlock the user passwords but can also unlock owner passwords. The software will remain forever on your computer once it is downloaded and will help you unlock all the PDF files. Though the PDFs are unlocked, they would remain safe in the computer and secured from the hackers and online vultures. There is no maximum limit on the size of the PDF file that has to be uploaded. A PDF file of any size can be unlocked if it is restricted and the user has no clue about the password. All the files are unlocked without compromising on the security of the file and the data in it.

About PDF Unlocker

The free PDF Unlocker, developed by PDF Solutions is one of the easiest ways to unlock the restricted PDF.

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