A New Tool Launched That Makes Hassle free conversion of MPEG to MP3

Convert Audio Free comes up with an amazing solution. It has launched a new software application — the free MPEG to MP3 converter.

<p>Facing difficulty in extracting audio from MPEG videos and converting it into MP3 file formats? Convert Audio Free comes up with an amazing solution. It has launched a new software application &mdash;&nbsp;the free <strong><a href="">MPEG to MP3 converter</a></strong> that will enable users in extracting audios from MPEG videos and converting it to MP3 file formats.</p> <p>Users have the leverage to set the start point and the duration of the conversion process, as per their requirements. This free software conversion tool is a boon as it makes the process of converting any segment or clip of the MPEG file, very easy.</p> <p>Its simplicity, ease of operation and ease of comprehension makes this converter very welcome. The limited number of options to choose from makes it easy for users to navigate through the program.</p> <p>This software program is supportive only to the file browsers and imports audio tracks into the list with the aid of the browser.</p> <p>This converter is also very useful in supporting batch processing method. Users have the benefit of adding single batches of the MPEG files and have the option of selecting the beginning and ending point of the conversion. The tool automatically converts the MPEG files very fast, and that too one by one. It also has a wide array of choices thus aiding users in generating MP3 files of different sizes and qualities.</p> <p>Moreover, the users can check the name, status, duration, the start and end time of the conversion just by adding the list of MPEG files to the queue. The time when the user specifies the destination of the output, the conversion process gets initiated.</p> <p>This is not all. It has many other features. The users have the liberty to modify the audio options .The users have the advantage of choosing the quality, frequency rate, bit rate and other settings. The setting can also be restored to the factory value.</p> <p>Through this software, the users can mark the start and end time and thus trim the audio files or songs</p> <p>It also has an option by which users can clear the log list and remove entries from the list.</p> <p>Download in three easy steps:</p> <p>Open the Installer</p> <p>Locate the installer file and double click to open.</p> <p>Click 'Yes' or 'Run'</p> <p>Authorize the installer using the security dialog.</p> <p>Follow Installer Instructions</p> <p>Read the instructions to setup the software.</p> <p>About Us:</p> <p>The free MPEG to MP3 converter is a software application that facilitates users to extract audio from MPEG videos and convert it into MP3 file formats.</p> <p>For Media Contact: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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