3 GP Player now is available for customers

The Free 3GP Player is Customizable Also So Users Can Play Their 3GP Videos without Any Hassles

Those who are looking for a powerful and high-quality media player may be excited with the news that Media Freeware is offering a free 3GP Player. Free Mediaware says that they have customized this media player so users can play their 3gp videos without any hassles.

They point out that 3GP format has always remained a popular video codec and people have been using it mostly on mobile phones since many years. The 3GP Player they are offering comes with many useful features. It is unique as well in the sense it is simple and easy to use despite the long list of features it comes with. The simple user interface of the tool is attractive as well.

The tool comes with a control panel that hides automatically as soon as users stop moving their mouse. Other essential controls on the app are Play, pause, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, etc. that are commonly found in any video player application. The tool comes with a right-click menu also. Users have the option of playing back if they do not like to do it with the bottom panel.

Reviewers of the app emphatically say that the performance of the tool is excellent. They point out that the app uses only minimum resources of the RAM of the system on which it is downloaded and installed. This means people can use the app even on old personal computers and laptops. A good feature of the free 3GP Player is that it supports hotkeys that help in controlling playback. For playing and pausing, users can press Space key and for exiting full screen and for moving on to the next track, they have to press Esc and N respectively.

With the playlist function on the app, users can easily customize the playback of their media. In short, the free 3GP Player is not only fun to use but is highly functional as well.

About the free 3 GP Player

The Free 3 GP Player offered by Free Mediaware is an excellent app that comes with many attractive features. It has a simple user interface and hence, is very easy to use. The tool has all the common functions of a video player application. Since it does not require much of the system's resources, it can be used on old PCs and laptops also.

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