PlayStation 4 Magazine Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Now Available on Apple News is celebrating its second anniversary as one of the leading online publishers of PlayStation 4 news, reviews, and related stories. is celebrating its second anniversary as one of the leading online publishers of PlayStation 4 news, reviews, and related stories. The magazine is now also available on Apple news for readers with Ios 9 devices.

As the PlayStation 4 console marks its 2 years of existence by surpassing 30 million units sold worldwide, PlayStation 4 Magazine has also similarly grown from strength to strength. The gaming publication focused on Sony’s latest generation console has seen increased readership and participation across all its content offerings on the web.

To access PlayStation 4 magazine on Apple News, readers can simply search for PS4 Magazine, or click on the following link: . (Apple devices have to be iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later and Apple News to view the PS4 Magazine channel.)

In addition to keeping PlayStation 4 gamers and fans updated with the latest news on the console and related titles, PS4 Magazine also offers how-to content, videos, lists of PlayStation 4 games, and much more. The fact that the site is the sole online publication is the only one to solely focus on the PlayStation 4 platform has meant that PS4 owners and enthusiast have come to rely on to stay informed with the news that matters to them most.

A large part of the Magazines success comes from the phenomenal numbers of PS4 consoles that Sony continues to shift, and with the holiday season in full swing, those numbers will only to continue to swell. In addition the publication has to continually evolve with the ever changing industry with cutting edge technologies such as Sony Playstation VR  gaming now coming to the fore. This is something that management at the magazine was keen to point out in addition to stressing the fact that PS4 magazine was ready to meet the challenge.

”Our aim is to be the very best in delivering PS4 related content to our readers,- new and old” said the magazines Editor in Chief, Steve Jones. “In the same way, we always strive to deliver updates and other PlayStation 4 content in a timely manner while still upholding the journalistic values that the magazine was founded on. We take great pride in delivering well written and relevant content to our readers who are all avid PS4 fans. We will continue to always try and meet the needs of our readers, for example bringing our content to cutting edge platforms such as the Apple News service.” The magazine’s goal is to be available not only on iOS, but across all available app stores and platforms to increase its exposure as well as make it easier for existing readers to access PS4 mag’s content.

As the magazine celebrates its 2nd birthday, there are still challenges ahead despite the success that PlayStation 4 magazine has enjoyed. Chief of these is finding a sustainable revenue model in light of the magazines publisher Tech365Media pledging to keep the service free. In further comments, Mr. Jones went on to explain that PlayStation 4 Magazine had built up a large and loyal following which the company did not want to betray by starting to charge for its content. “From the support we have been shown nothing but love and support from the PS4 community . . . this is the reason why everyone involved with is proud to be contributing to providing this service. We will stick by our promise to serve the PlayStation 4 community with a free and professional service they can depend on. We’ll find a way”, said Mr. Jones. is the authoritative voice on PlayStation 4 related news, reviews, and updates. The magazine is the only online publication solely focused on publishing content related to, and about the PlayStation 4 console made by Sony. Content on the site include PlayStation 4 games news, updates, and reviews. The site also features PlayStation 4 games trailers as well as gameplay and walk-through videos. PS4 Magazine is now available on Apple News: PS4 Magazine

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