Lungsal Bamboo Stylus Pen Ranked Bestselling Holiday Gift Idea in 2015

The bamboo stylus pen became an extremely popular gift idea among business executives and corporate employees around the world during the 2015 holiday season.

<p>Purchasing a thoughtful gift for a co-worker or business associate can be a daunting task. In the past, many executives simply presented a card with a gift certificate enclosed or ordered a dozen roses to be delivered to their office. This year, corporate executives around the world have changed how they show their appreciation to their coworkers, associates, and business partners by purchasing the sleek, stylish bamboo stylus pen from Lungsal International. The company has sold so many bamboo stylus pens this holiday season that the pen is now ranked as one of the best-selling holiday gift ideas in 2015.</p> <p>Possibly one of the most impressive features of the <strong><a href="">Lungsal bamboo stylus pen</a></strong> &ndash; and the reason for such high popularity &ndash; is that it offers three functions in one. The stylus combines touchscreen use with pen and pencil functions to allow users to carry one instrument for all of their daily needs. The stylus ball, located at the top of the pen, is compatible with all touchscreen surfaces. The built-in mechanical pencil in this pen is compatible with 0.9 lead, and the stylus includes detailed refill instructions. It is made of natural-looking bamboo material and includes either chrome or gold accents. The stylus is also eco-friendly, which for many consumers is an important purchasing decision.</p> <p>While these basic features are available on all bamboo stylus pens purchased through Lungsal, the company also offers specific customization options to consumers. For instance, customers can add a custom logo to the stylus or request laser engraving options. Additionally, customers can upgrade the pen options from the standard ballpoint pen to a black or blue gel pen. Furthermore, customers can select various imprint methods such as silk screen imprinting and pad imprinting on the barrel of the pen.</p> <p>The bamboo stylus is also available in a simple, sleek pen design that does not include the stylus ball or built-in mechanical pencil. However, the bamboo pen does include a beautifully crafted case, both of which are made of natural materials and offer high-quality value and style. The company also offers a wide selection of other bestselling custom pens in a variety of styles, customization options, and color schemes.</p> <p>The vast range of <strong><a href="">Lungsal International custom pens</a></strong> has changed the way the corporate world expresses their appreciation for their employees and business partners.</p> <p>Lungsal International, headquartered in Brea, California, offers innovative custom office products to businesses and consumers worldwide. The company prides itself on producing high-quality products and allows the customer to easily choose customization options tailored to their needs and budget. Customers can purchase custom pens and supplies in bulk in quantities as low as 50-pieces per order.</p> <p>For More Information</p> <p>For more information about Lungsal International or to place an order, please visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Media Contact<br />Stanley Chen<br />Lungsal International<br />360 Thor Place, Brea, California 92821<br />(714) 671-9788<br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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