Airwheel annonces S5 model

The electric self-balancing scooter passes the puddles and the muddy water will splash over the electric scooter.

Airwheel S5 is a quite representative model of series, which was released in the first new product announcement conference in the year of 2015. At that time, Airwheel S5 was the highlight of the event. As soon as the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter appeared on the stage, all of audience went into rapture. The rough design of S5 thrust it into the limelight. Shortly afterwards, a host of scooter-lovers swarmed into stores for Airwheel S5 or went online for it. In no time, S5 was out of stock in stores and online. The next day, S5 had to be reserved online. That way, the buy can get hang of it.

Airwheel positioned the electric self-balancing scooter S5 as the personal all-terrain vehicle (ATV). From its exterior looks, it is easy to feel that the tough design merits the position and title. S5 is based on Airwheel S3. However, Airwheel S5 differs from Airwheel S3 in the performance and installations on the bodywork. A more powerful battery is mounted on S5, which creates a longer range of up to 50 km and a faster speed of up to 18 km/h. The potent battery enables Airwheel S5 to easily negotiate steps and craggy path. The jumbo tyres unique to S5 will buffer the vibration in a sense. The two types equipment are complementary to each other, forming a personal ATV—Airwheel S5.

What’s more, there is a careful consideration of S5 when it passes the muddy path. When it rains or drizzles, the road or path is fraught with puddles. The electric self-balancing scooter passes the puddles and the muddy water will splash over the electric scooter. Once water permeates the shell of electric scooter, the circuit and internal structure will be damaged. Being a personal ATV, a wing is supposed to be installed in the front of S5. At night, the ride is fairly dangerous. Out of this concern, Airwheel puts two sign lights onto S5. These virtues are highly likely to add much plus to S5 for its appearance in CES.


Established in 2004, Airwheel Technology was initiated by a group of pioneers who took constant adventure to reshape the world with edged technology. With a global view, the U.S.-based enterprise started to build since its establishment R&D centers located in L.A., Beijing, and Changzhou, a marketing center in Beijing and a manufacturing center in Changzhou. As the leader in global portable intelligent transport industry, we have been dedicated to extend the fun and benefit of cutting-edge technology to everywhere in the world.

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