Tree Services Melbourne Provides Expert Tree Removal in Suburban Locations

Oz Tree Services owner, Simon Lamb, announced that the company is offering professional tree removal in Melbourne suburbs.

<p>Oz Tree Services owner, Simon Lamb, announced that the company is offering professional <strong><a href="">tree removal in Melbourne</a></strong> suburbs. Removing, trimming and lopping in suburban locations require specialised expertise and precision that&rsquo;s available with the company&rsquo;s certified arborists.</p> <p>&ldquo;No one likes to see a beautiful tree cut down, but its removal may be necessary for any number of reasons,&rdquo; said Lamb. &ldquo;They can become diseased, grow too close to homes, and roots can damage pipes, foundations and pavement.&rdquo;</p> <p>Homes, utilities and roadways can all be affected by a diseased or damaged tree that can easily blow over in even a moderate windstorm. Melbourne tree removal experts have the specialised equipment and extensive experience to save trees when possible and safely extricate them when removal is the only option. The company also provides clean-up of the resulting debris and stump grinding.</p> <p>Removing a tree may seem simple, but it requires pinpoint accuracy to ensure the tree&rsquo;s limbs remain balanced during the process to prevent it from toppling over. Specific techniques are utilized to ensure a tree falls away from homes, vehicles, utilities, fences and other landscape features.</p> <p>Tree removal requires little time when performed by professionals, minimizing inconvenience to clients. Insects, disease, growth habits and root systems may all contribute to the need to remove a tree. The plantings can become unstable due to shifts in soil, insufficient root systems or prior damage and trees with multiple trunks are at increased risk of instability.</p> <p>Once a tree has been removed, homeowners are left with an unsightly stump that can cause serious problems when mowing and maintaining the yard. Any roots that may be exposed above ground also create a tripping hazard. The company grinds tree stumps below ground level, allowing soil to be spread for covering the area and seed can be sown to restore the lawn to its uniform appearance.</p> <p>Tree removal in Melbourne by Oz Tree Services provides clients with safe and efficient removal of damaged trees and those that pose a hazard to the safety of structures, utilities and roads. The company provides free, no obligation quotes to assist clients make informed decisions about their tree removal needs.</p> <p>About Oz Tree Services</p> <p>Oz Tree Services provides free quotes for tree removal, lopping and pruning, hedge trimming, stump grinding and mulching services, along with tree assessments. The company provides regular maintenance services to keep current plantings aesthetically pleasing, remove damaged trees after storms, and prevent hazards in fire prone areas.</p> <p>Media Contact<br />Owner: Simon Lamb<br />Phone: 1300 900 595<br />Address: Diamond Creek, Victoria 3084, Australia<br />Email:<br />Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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