Publishing SOLO Is Pleased To Announce That It Takes Guts to be Happy! Selected #1 Podcast 2015

Top rated ITUNES SHOW, 1 Simple Thing, announces that Author Julia Loggins, (It Takes Guts to Be Happy!) was their top downloaded interview of 2015.

<p>Publishing SOLO is pleased to announce that <strong><a href="">Get Healthier and Feel Better with Author Julia Loggins</a></strong> hosted by Dave Kirby on 1 Simple Thing has ranked as the number one podcast of 2015! This podcast includes an extensive four-part series covering the following topics: &ldquo;IGNITE Your Inner Healer&rdquo;, &ldquo;ENERGIZE Your Lymph System&rdquo;, &ldquo;BALANCE Your Acid and Alkaline&rdquo;, &ldquo;I Know What to Do, I Just Can&rsquo;t Do it!&rdquo; The Interview covers the gut-brain connection and how transforming gut health can stimulate a natural healing effect on the body&ndash;brain system.</p> <p>Julia&rsquo;s grasp of natural health reaches beyond the typical health food advice. Backed by her personal quest for achieving maximum health and energy, along with 35 years of regenerative medicine practice, she has become a recognized <strong><a href="">gut health authority</a></strong> . Born &ldquo;allergic to the twentieth century,&rdquo; Julia&rsquo;s body reactions to pollutants, toxic foods, and household chemicals spawned life-threatening asthma by the time she was just five years old. At the age of ten, she was living with &ldquo;old people&rsquo;s conditions&rdquo;--rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, bleeding ulcers, colitis, and diverticulitis. While on steroids for twelve years, she survived three near-death situations due to anaphylactic shock. Her family had given up hope for her to survive beyond her teens.</p> <p>Julia Loggins has long since survived and thrived by learning to transform her gut health. When all hope was lost, she took the advice of a progressive medical doctor, Dr. Robert Pottenger. He assigned Ms. Loggins a wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, all-organic detoxification diet. It was much like the 21-Day Detox Diet featured in her books, Dare to Detoxify; and taught step-by-step in the DIY companion, It Takes Guts to Be Happy! Since discovering and developing detoxification principles, Julia has rebounded and rebuilt her health. She has centered her regenerative medicine practice around detox concepts, and with great enthusiasm and boundless energy, has also become an author, speaker, and cleansing coach.</p> <p>&ldquo;<strong><a href="">It Takes Guts to Be Happy! A 21-Day Cleansing Plan to Heal Your Belly and Recharge Your Body</a></strong> &rdquo;, is primarily based on the scientific research which proves that 90% of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that stimulates the happy state, is produced in the gut. Although Loggins&rsquo; decades of practice are based the gut-brain connection, the latest research validates this premise as fact. If you suffer from low energy, fatigue, or depression, following a detox diet and transforming gut health is a natural method for reestablishing happiness and energy in the body and in life.</p> <p>1 Simple Thing, a top rated ITunes Podcast hosted by Dave Kirby, focuses its mission on &ldquo;Building a Better Business by Building a Better You.&rdquo; As the CEO, founder, or leader of a business, success in business depends on the owner sustaining high energy with low stress. Be sure and catch the get healthier series with Julia Loggins on 1 Simple Thing Podcast on ITUNES.</p> <p>CONTACT:<br />Julia Loggins<br />The Santa Barbara Clinic<br />211 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101<br />(805) 453-0364<br /><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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