Witness of the Next Nugget Point of Leather Footwear — Make In India — Investment Conference

On 6 January 2016 "Make In India-Investment Conference" hosted d by Council for Leather Exports India was held at Dongguan Sheraton Hotel.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-5302" src="" alt="enameaccount87" width="314" height="235" /></p> <p>On 6 January 2016 "Make In India &mdash; Investment Conference" hosted &nbsp;by Council for Leather Exports India was held at Dongguan Sheraton Hotel.</p> <p>The event is first investment conference hosted by Council for Leather Exports India under the background Make In India projected by India's Central Government, mainly aiming to introduce the important position of the leather and footwear in India&rsquo;s Economy, share the Indian government's new preferential policies and investment opportunities.</p> <p>The event was wholly planned by the Dongguan Zhuge Media Group, and supported by the relevant industry associations, chambers of Commerce and industry media support and response, co-organizers are: Dongguan Leather &amp; Footwear Association, Dongguan Shoes Materials Association, Dongguan Shoe-making Machinery Association, Guangzhou Baiyun District Shoe &amp; Leather Goods Association, USA-China Apparel &amp; Footwear Association, Guangdong Footwear Association, Dongguan Shoe Industry Chamber of Commerce; supporting companies: Guandong Wellfull Holding Group CO.,LTD, Dongduan Wellray Import&amp;Export Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Efull Network Technology Co.,Ltd, Dongguan Guanghuo Mingpin Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong ACShoes Information Technology Co.,Ltd., Dongguan Haopan Shoes Materials Plaza Co.,Ltd..</p> <p>Leather industry is the most important industry as an franchise and conservation management of India, now the Indian government is going to open up a modern development path that allows 100% foreign direct investment and the establishment of joint ventures, which would be an unprecedented opportunity of related industries. The event attracts more than 170 footwear enterprises, footwear manufacturer, trader, leather and footwear material manufacturers and related enterprises from Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Chengdu and other cities, participants reached more than 240 people.</p> <p>In addition to presidents, the general secretaries of the associations ,the important guests attended event includes the general consul of the Embassy of India in Guangzhou Mr Y K Sailas Thangal (Chinese-Indian), Mr. M Rafeeque Ahmed, Chairman, Council for Leather Exports, Mr. N Shafeeq Ahmed, Convener, Make in India Promotion, China &amp; Taiwan. Mr. M Rafeeque Ahmed, Chairman, Council for Leather Exports made a brief introduction of the Leather and Footwear Industry,the current situation and forecast of domestic market of India, and the strength of foreign investment in India, as the beginning of the event.</p> <p>Representatives of both China and India turned around the rudder together, and Sino -Indian cooperation prelude was opened up, set off the climax of the meeting, "join hands with India, grow together" becomes the main theme of the whole campaign. After watching the a short fim introducing Indian leather industry, Consul General of India, Guangzhou Mr Y K Sailas Thanga made a wonderful speech, encouraging the Chinese companies to invest in India and the incentive policy of the foreign investment in Inida, the meeting is pushed to a new climax. Mr. N Shafeeq Ahmed, Convener, Make in India Promotion,China, made a comprehensive presentation of situation and future target the Inidia Leather Industry through a lot of persuasive details and data, and explain why Chinese companies should to invest in India, and attracts the Chinese enterprisers to invest in India.</p> <p>The Indian host answered many questions the media and Chinese businessmen concerns about, such as what incentives that the foreign investors can get in India, salary and work time of the workers, the insurance policy of India etc.</p> <p>The event is get highly praised by the participants, many of them told to the reporter that they have an intention to go to India to do more investigation, part of commercial commission and associations are considering to send up members of enterprises to do investment investigation to India.</p> <p>Media Contact<br />Company: Southern Economic Information Network<br />Contact Person: Mr Wang<br />Address: Southern Economic Information Network,28 Guxi Road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China<br />Phone: +86 0769-33228837<br />E-mail:<br />Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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