ZCorum CTO, Scott Helms, Announces Broadband Industry Predictions for 2016

Expected 2016 broadband trends include an increasing focus on WiFi coverage, virtualization of service provider equipment, and the beginning of DOCSIS 3.1 deployments.


ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of managed diagnostics tools and software for broadband providers, today announced 11 trends and predictions for the broadband industry from their CTO, Scott Helms.  Helms, a frequent speaker and presenter at industry events, examines pressing topics for the New Year.

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Helms reveals shifts in the broadband industry and how they will affect operations and overall planning for operators in 2016 and beyond.  "This year will be a time for preparing and gearing up for the new technologies that are coming. Overall, the shift is away from business as usual and a re-focusing on the end user and the peril from the mobile market," said Helms. "Many of the trends take a deeper look at how operators and vendors need to get the new technologies in place and have them available as part of the entire customer experience."

DOCSIS 3.1 deployments are moving more slowly than expected, but I we’ll have several operators with at least one production network before the end of 2016. Comcast and Liberty Global have both announced aggressive plans so expect many other tier 1 operators to launch their first sites.

IPv6 transition often via Carrier Grade NAT will be a big effort for most operators that haven't started.  But once organizations come to grips with it, solutions are available with some effort.  Operators still deploying bridged modems rather than those with embedded routers are creating more work for themselves later if they haven't considered how to handle the increased IPv4 consumption.

NFV and its cousin SDN will keep picking up steam. As we see efforts like AT&T's Domain 2.0 paying dividends, more operators will want to adopt similar strategies.  One of the complaints that operators have had for decades is the relative stagnation of the vendor community serving the broadband provider.  Both of these new technologies will be a good way to make it easier for existing vendors to innovate and new vendors to enter the space.

To read the complete list of predictions please visit the Business of Broadband Blog on ZCorum’s website.

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