3 Steps Title Loans Started Offering Car Title Loans in Three Easy Steps

Getting a car title loan in California seems pretty straightforward, but it’s not actually so. 3 Steps Title Loans breaks the entire process of loan approval to bare bones.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-5614" src="" alt="12" width="250" height="250" /></p> <p>3 Steps Title Loans, a leading lending institution from California, recently announced that car title loans can now be availed in three easy steps. The owners maintained that the entire process of prequalification for loan and approval can be completed over the phone. They also added that their loan officers who have years of experience in handling loan applications and financial industry consumers will now be in charge of handling car title loan applications and directly talk to the applicants over the phone for deciding their eligibility for getting loans.</p> <p>&ldquo;It works in three easy steps. First, the loan applicants need to call our representatives. Next we would evaluate the wholesale price of the car of the applicant. If everything is fine, the applicant can drop by our office to collect the money. It&rsquo;s that simple&rdquo;, claimed a co-owner. &ldquo;We prefer to maintain transparency at all levels so that people do not pull back midway. We explain the terms before approving a loan and also we keep the interests low so that applicants do not have much of a problem to repay their loans&rdquo;, he added.</p> <p>According to 3 Steps Title Loans, they have already successfully approved loan applications of more than a couple of hundred Sacramento residents. &ldquo;We have receive positive response from the residents of the area and we believe that the straightforward process of loan prequalification, approval and repayment has helped in people putting trust in us&rdquo;, said a co-owner of the Sacramento based lending agency.</p> <p>The co-owner also informed that they are now offering up to 20000 USD fast cash provided the terms and conditions are fulfilled. He also said that the full list of requisites can be seen on the website of the agency. Apart from car titles, the lending agency also requires loan applicants to show originals of their proof of residence, proof of income and couple of other documents. &ldquo;We need to stay compliant with the state and federal rules, hence this&rdquo;, added the co-owner.</p> <p>About the Company</p> <p>3 Steps Title Loans is a car title loan agency in Sacramento, CA, USA</p> <p>To know more, visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Watch the explainer video at <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Call (916) 970 1930 for more information.</p> <p>Contact:<br /> Company Name: 3 Steps Title Loans<br /> Contact Number: (916) 970 1930<br /> Address: Sacramento, California, United States<br /> Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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