Procuring Portable Fences

The top fence company located in China stocks portable fences.

<p>The top fence company located in China stocks portable fences. The U-base crowd control barriers are included in the category of <strong><a href="">Event Barriers</a></strong> sold by the company. These products cater to the Middle Eastern countries and the United States. Crowds can be managed with the help of portable fences during events. These barriers are U-shaped and do not have pointed edges. These fences are therefore considered a safer option, especially during their installation and removal.</p> <p>Pre-galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized treatment is meted out to the products as part of the finishing touch. The products are galvanized - before and after the welding process, when they are being manufactured. The galvanized standards of the portable fences can be 80g, 200g, 300g, or 600g. The fences can be spray painted and the available colors in which the products can be procured include red, black, yellow, orange, blue and others. Customers have the choice of selecting removable bases or permanent ones for the portable fences. Depending upon the requirements, clients can confirm their selection of the barriers.</p> <p>The height of the portable fences is 1100 mm and their width can be 2500 mm. The number of upright tubes for a single barrier is 19 and the infill spacing of the tubular structures is fixated at 100 mm. Customers can also place customized orders, if they are looking for divergent measurements for the portable fences.</p> <p>When the portable fences are being purchased, the option of positioning name plates at the center of the barriers for display purposes can be availed by consumers. Rubber caps on the bottom of the carriers can also be mounted. Two portable fences can also be carried with the help of center handles for ease in transportation. Holes are also punched into the tubes before their welding and hence, it can be concluded that the products are durable and world-class steel construction methods are used for their building. Additionally, the best quality raw materials are used for engineering the steel pipes of the <strong><a href="">portable barriers</a></strong></p> <p>The website of the company is <strong><a href=""></a></strong> . Contact details of the company like telephone numbers and mail addresses can be seen on the related web-pages. Customers can use these details for contacting the company for inquiries, queries or orders. The inquiry form can also be filled and submitted via the online methods to get in touch with the company staff.</p> <p>Orders are confirmed after forwarding the payment for the goods. Customers are required to disclose mobile numbers and mail address for correspondence with the company. Delivery details and other relevant information are passed to customers through mails or messages.</p> <p>Contact us:<br /> Top Fence Co.Ltd<br /> Contact Person: BoB Kwok<br /> Cell Phone: 0086-15075887656<br /> Address: No 588 Nan Huan Road ANPING County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China<br /> Skype: mr.wiremesh<br /> Email:</p>


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