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The process of taking a bath always guarantees pleasure and relaxation. No wonder, millions of people all over the world cannot imagine their rest without taking a bath.

<p>The process of taking a bath always guarantees pleasure and relaxation. No wonder, millions of people all over the world cannot imagine their rest without taking a bath. To make the process even more enjoyable, pleasant and relaxing, Aquatica specialists have designed exclusive bathtubs and bath accessories to cater for all tastes, needs and budgets.</p> <p>The Aquatica Plumbing Group is the US-based company, which designs and produces high quality luxurious bathtubs. The company has rich experience in the business and has distinguished itself as a reputable bathtub manufacturer popular with thousands of customers. This is what the Aquatica specialists tell about the company: &ldquo;&lsquo;Bathtub&rsquo; maybe the most accurate word to describe what we at Aquatica create, but it hardly captures the blissful pleasure Aquatica engineer into every one of its bath designs. Perhaps a better description would be body basins, water cradles inspired by the pools found in nature, whose graceful forms and smooth uninterrupted lines sensuously cradle the body.&rdquo;</p> <p>However, exclusive designs are not the only benefit provided by the company. Skillful and knowledgeable Aquatica experts offer fresh approach to the process of designing their products and implement innovative technologies combined with modern functionalities. This is more than enough to ensure the perfect and truly unsurpassed bathing experience.</p> <p>The company offers a rich catalogue of products, which includes versatile bathtubs (corner, freestanding, soaking, drop-in, acrylic, stone, jetted etc.), faucets, waste overflow kits, showers, bathroom sinks, bathroom furniture and accessories. The prevailing amount of baths designed by aquatic professionals is crafted from the mineral polymer blends and modern stone, which contributes to their durability and outstanding appeal. The extensive range of design options makes it possible to produce simple and affordable models as well as custom-made one of a kind pieces.</p> <p>Aquatica provides their clients with the highest level of comfort, confidence and quality. All the products offered for sale are tested and certified by IAPMO with regard to the cUPC requirements in order to meet the most rigorous Canadian and US Plumbing Standards. The company&rsquo;s experts underline that &ldquo;the fresh approach and the technically experienced team allow considering a bath not a simple object, but a sensation, which can transport a person into a realm of luxurious pleasure.&rdquo; This is what they try to focus on when designing their products.</p> <p>For more information, please, visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>About the Company:</p> <p>The Aquatica Plumbing Group is a reputable company, which manufactures modern bathtubs and bathroom accessories of the top notch quality. Located in the US, the company tries to adhere to the highest industry standards and implements advanced technologies to design outstanding bathtub models that become the embodiment of grace, quality, convenience and perfection. They offer a wide selection of products, including stone and acrylic bathtubs, bathroom furniture and accessories, faucets, sinks, waste overflow kits and more. The employ the team of professionals, who possess the skills and knowledge needed to produce outstanding bathroom products.</p> <p>Contact Info<br /> Address: 11820 Northup Way Suite E200, Bellevue, 98005 WA, USA<br /> Tel.: +1 866 606-2782<br /> Fax: +1 866 600-5060<br /> E-mail:<br /> Facebook:<br /> Twitter:<br /> Google+:<br /> YouTube:<br /> Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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