Uppgroup Inc. Announces New Mobile Friendly Website For Kamia Kennels at

Uppgroup Inc. recently announces newly designed website for Kamia Kennels. The site features different photos, adventure-style posts, news and articles on great Elkhounds.

<p>Kamia Kennels is a company dedicated to the breeding, care and promotion of the Elkhound dog breeds. Uppgroup Inc., its parent company, is responsible for building and promoting Kamia Kennels' online presence. The new site is built in compliment to the already well established main website at <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Norwegian Elkhound is strong willed and can be a great companion at the same time. This dog breed is mainly used for hunting.</p> <p>The launch of the new website is timely and beneficial especially for individuals looking for Norwegian Elkhound dog breed information and pictures. Visitors can get access to the latest posts about Elkhounds at Kamia Kennels, their interesting adventures and also updates on the Elkhound pups. Kamia Kennels team have deep knowledge of the history of the breed and the variations descended from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Scandanavia. Check this link out for more <strong><a href="">Swedish Elkhound Breeder</a></strong> information.</p> <p>Merv Carlson, Kamia Kennels - Uppgroup President, had this to say: "Here at Kamia Kennels we strive to provide great dogs to awesome families that wish to experience the companionship of these great dogs!"</p> <p>About Kamia Kennels:</p> <p>Kamia Kennels, an exclusive division of Uppgroup Inc., is a company that is truly dedicated to the advancement of Elkhounds. Kamia Kennels is a British-Colombia based company that is genuinely devoted and committed to breeding, caring and promoting Elkhound dog breeds.</p> <p>Contact Info:<br /> Merv Carlson, President<br /> Kamia Kennels - Uppgroup<br /> Address: 6016 Athelston Hartford Road, Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H5, Canada<br /> Phone: 250-442-5856</p>


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