Ecomarine Services Provides Multiple Aquatic Related Options with ROVs

Ecomarine Services founder, Michael Sparg, announced that his firm offers tank inspections that minimizes client costs.

Eltham, Victoria, Australia – Ecomarine Services founder, Michael Sparg, announced that his firm offers tank inspections that minimizes client costs, environmental hazards, and provides a safer alternative than dive teams with the use of its remotely controlled vehicles (ROVs). The firm works with clients in multiple industries to ensure inspections are current and meet mandated requirements.

“Our ROVs can provide photos, video footage, and detailed information,” said Sparg. “In most cases a dive team isn’t required and the ROVs can move and retrieve objects.”

The firm utilizes ROVs to inspect all aspects of tanks, allowing clients to continue operations without interruption. Tank interiors can present a wide range of conditions that can be hazardous. ROVs provide a technologically advanced solution that emphasizes enhanced safety and offers an alternative to diving teams.

From simple rainwater collection tanks and aquaculture tanks to sophisticated municipal water system tanks and systems, Ecomarine Services has the experience, expertise and specialised knowledge to accurately survey and inspect a wide range of tanks and associated infrastructure.

The firm has the capabilities to address needs for fire water tanks, underwater structures and sunken vessels, and portable water storage tanks. The firm removes sediment from tank floors, cleans, repairs and replaces tanks, performs regular maintenance, and professional divers are available when appropriate.

ROVs are more cost effective than other methods of inspection, reducing the risk of contamination and providing a view in areas with restricted access. The devices are compact and able to fit through most tank hatches. ROV pilots are trained in the United States, fully qualified and highly capable.

Upon completion of an inspection, clients receive an in-depth written report, photos of all inspection points, along with a DVD that allows clients to view the actual inspection process. ROV operators are cognizant of the inspection requirements for different types of tanks and explore all aspects to ensure they’re safe, secure and functioning properly.

Ecomarine Services provides options for underwater construction, vessel maintenance and recovery, scientific diving, and aquatic filming and photography. ROVs and commercial diving services are offered for scientific surveys, pile cleaning, and repairs. The company also provides instrument installations, species collection, and environmental impact surveys.

The tank inspections provided by Ecomarine Services offer clients a cost effective alternative to dive teams that reduces contamination risks. Tank inspections are necessary to ensure safety in multiple industries and the firm has earned a reputation for fast, thorough and reliable service.

For more information, call 0402 780 751.

About Ecomarine Services

Founded by commercial diver Michael Sparg, Ecomarine Services provides remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections and cleaning of fire and water tanks, marine insurance investigations, scientific diving, and a wide range of underwater construction services.

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