Pain Relief Specialist Medical Massage VI Opens in St Thomas, VI

Proving Pain Relief to Residents & Visitors to the Virgin Islands! Not All Massage is Created Equal Pain Relief Management & Rapid Recovery St Thomas John USVI

<p>Medical Massage Center in Virgin Islands is now here to offer the public with much needed service on pain relief and management as well as help in ensuring fast recovery for patients. The Virgin Islands Medical Massage Center is the only center to offer special massage services in St Thomas Virgin Islands, specializing in various massage therapies including medical, therapeutic, neuro-muscular and deep tissue massages</p> <p>Medical Massage St Thomas is only recently established but they are most recommended when it comes to pain relief management on St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. There are many good reasons why Medical Massage VI is highly recommended by locals in St Thomas Virgin Islands, one of which is their 38 years of experience in the spa industry. They are also fully licensed and duly accredited for all the massage treatments offer their clients including deep tissue massage on St Thomas Virgin Islands.</p> <p>They are the only center to offer therapeutic massage on St Thomas Virgin Islands capable of getting rid of the common pains that often wakes clients in the middle of the night. Owned and operated by Jill Scott and Rich Sadler, the Medical Massage VI Center is here to help patients in effectively relieving their pain and aches, from neck and back pain, elbow pain, knee pain and wrist pain down to shoulder pain.</p> <p>The fact is that pain is a debilitating medical condition that can hinder a person&rsquo;s work and normal way of living. More so, taking medicine for pain can have some side effects which in the end can result to a more serious medical condition. Fortunately, Virgin Islands Medical Massage is here to deliver special massage packages to patients on St Thomas and St John, U.S. Virgin Islands.</p> <p>There is the therapeutic or neuro-muscular massage which, in a way, manipulates the body&rsquo;s soft tissue in order to treat the underlying causes why the patient suffers chronic pain. On the other hand, the prenatal massage is especially designed to cater to the expectant mothers&rsquo; needs for position and support. There is also the deep massage which comes in deliberate strokes concentrated on giving attention to parts of the body that is painful and feeling stiff.</p> <p>Apart from these, Medical Massage VI provides other massage therapies including stress buster, warm/hot stone, tandom, Thai, Reflexorlogy, Zunzun massage and more. All these are pain relief treatment geared to make sure that the pain keeping the patient from living life normally and being able to work functionally gone for good.</p> <p>To know more about Medical Massage VI, please visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong> . For inquiries, please call 340-779-1504 or email at</p> <p>Contact:<br />Business Owner: Jill Scott &amp; Rich Sadler<br />Company: Medical Massage VI<br />Address: 6800 Estate Frydenhoj Suite #18, St Thomas, VI 00802<br />Phone: 340-779-1504<br />Email:<br />Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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