YouZign releases version 2 with best YouZign 2.0 bonus

YouZign, an online graphic design tool is releasing version 2 of its widely accepted graphic design software for beginners.

<p>The contest entails a price of $1000 USD for the best YouZign bonus offered by its affiliates. The emphasis of the YouZign 2 bonus contest criteria will be congruency. Martin Crumlish. of YMB Properties, who is administering the YouZign 2.0 bonus contest have shared that the online graphic design tool creators are looking for YouZign bonuses that &ldquo;complete the circle&rdquo; for YouZign users. In essence, the YouZign team is looking for bonuses that add value and not hard drive space.</p> <p>Many individuals are taking up the challenge and crafting out done-for-you services packages. One such individual is known as&nbsp;<strong><a href="">ElitePrime</a></strong>&nbsp;on the Warrior Forum who is offering one of the best&nbsp;<strong><a href="">YouZign 2.0</a></strong>&nbsp;bonus. To enable themselves to deliver the value they wish, they&rsquo;ve adopted a raffle-like approach. Each buyer will receive a service based YouZign bonus worth $27, which is the current price of the software. Each buyer also adds to a pool and every 20th buyer will receive a full done-for-you package worth $2500 USD.</p> <p>The YouZign 20th bonus package by ElitePrime includes a done-for-you landing page. The YouZign 20th bonus package also includes a full niche site built with 5-7 unique content based articles. Furthermore, the 20th YouZign bonus buyer will also receive a full scale white-hat SEO campaign intended to drive traffic and improved search engine ranks for the optimized niche site. This effectively provides the winner with the traffic and leads needed to make a profit with their YouZign 2.0 software.</p> <p>The Warrior Forum member, ElitePrime, has informed us that, &ldquo;much thought goes into designing the YouZign 2.0 bonus package to set the winner up for success with the YouZign software and deliver the biggest value. We&rsquo;re striving to make this the absolute best YouZign 2.0 bonus package.&rdquo;</p> <p>Another competitive YouZign bonus being offered can be found on a YouZign 2.0 fan community Facebook page where they are offering a complete product based bonus package worth $1000. The products compose of eBooks, videos, and software. This bonus package also enables a YouZign user to sell white-board videos to their graphic design clients. The ability to up-sell a client a YouZign users acquires, by providing graphic designs through YouZign 2.0, can increase profit margins significantly. The customer acquisition cost would be significantly lower for these added services provided since users have already build the relationship and trust. The YouZign online graphic design tool allows YouZign users to deliver a high quality graphic service which makes it easier for YouZign users to sell to the same customers their video services. This provides additional profits for YouZign 2.0 users.</p> <p>To provide an idea of what Youzign and the YMB Properties team are looking while administering this YouZign 2 bonus contest, Martin has provided examples of their ideal YouZign bonus. Examples provided includes, &ldquo;a done-for-you design landing page where YouZign users can freelance their services through the landing page&rdquo;, provided as a YouZign bonus. Other examples of ideal YouZign bonuses include, &ldquo;a training course on how to sell design services online via various sites&rdquo;, as noted in an email received from Martin Crumlish of YMB Properties. Finally, YouZign affiliates are also encourage to provide software products that, &ldquo;rounds out the services offered of those using YouZign.&ldquo;</p> <p>This contest is being well received as well by the internet marketing community., a website providing internet marketing information, has voiced their support of the contest on their Facebook page as an excellent opportunity stating, &ldquo;It encourages competition and competition is good for consumers. I&rsquo;m always keen in anything that adds more value all around with the internet marketing community and the YouZign 2.0 bonus contest does that ingeniously.&rdquo;</p> <p>Most YouZign 2.0 bonuses will be offered during the YZ 2.0 launch period of February 7 to February 15. The best YouZign 2.0 bonus contest will be elected during that period of time. To qualify for admissions to the YouZign 2.0 bonus contest, affiliates be approved for promoting YouZign 2.0. To do so, affiliates have to contact the YouZign team. The YouZign team cares about the representation of their online graphic design tool and take due diligence that others are not misrepresenting their product to prospective buyers whether positively or negatively.</p> <p>To learn more about YouZign and YouZign review or bonus, visit:&nbsp;<strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Contact:<br />Name: John Nguyen<br />Website:&nbsp;<strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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