Doan Sports Management Offers Professional Sports Athletes Agent Services

A well-known attorney, Jimmy Doan, offers agent services to professional athletes around the world.

<p>A highly regarded personal injury attorney, Jimmy Doan, recently announced that he has combined his &ldquo;love for the law&rdquo; with his passion for sports. His new sports agency firm, <strong><a href="">Doan Sports Management</a></strong> , is available to professional sports athletes in four different states, as well as the United Kingdom. Doan Sports Management currently has offices in Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Manhattan, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and London, U.K.</p> <p>According to Mr. Doan, his decision to become a sports agent is because he wanted a way to fuse his love for the law with his love of sports. &ldquo;I have spent the biggest part of my life involved with sports as both a player and player representative,&rdquo; Mr. Doan said. &ldquo;Beyond the privilege of doing what I love for a living, I also get the opportunity to be involved in providing professional services that make a difference. They make a difference to the athletes I represent who are subsequently freed up to do what they love the most &ndash; play sports and compete as professional athletes,&rdquo; he also adds.</p> <p>Mr. Doan understands the incredible amount of pressure placed on professional athletes. He opened Doan Sports Management as a way to help these athletes reduce the pressure of their day-to-day lives by providing services that will help them balance their careers with their personal lives. The services offered by Doan Sports Management include seeking out and negotiating endorsement and sponsorship deals, managing finances, negotiating investment agreements, planning for retirement, negotiating real estate investment deals, and managing public relations, as well as negotiating contracts to ensure their clients are signing contracts that are most beneficial to their careers and personal lives.</p> <p>Having built one of the largest law firms in the Houston area, Mr. Doan has learned many skills necessary to become a highly qualified sports agent. The professional sports athletes currently working with Doan Sports Management have received impressive results through Mr. Doan&rsquo;s hard work, dedication, and passion for the sports industry and professional athletes. His personal experience throughout the sports community, coupled with his legal background, gives him a unique advantage over other sports agents.</p> <p>For More Information</p> <p>For more information about Doan Sports Management and their agent services, please visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong> or call 844-321-0000</p> <p>Media Contact<br />Jimmy Doan<br />Doan Sports Management<br />Address: 1 Riverway, Suite 2325, Houston, Texas 77056<br />Phone: 844-321-0000<br />Email:<br />Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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