Herman Herman & Katz Provides Over 70 Years of Experience to Personal Injury Victims Throughout the New Orleans Region

The family-owned law firm has helped injured victims received compensation for their injuries for 7 decades.

<p>A family-owned personal injury law firm, <strong><a href="">Herman Herman &amp; Katz (HHK)</a></strong> , celebrates over 70 years of service to the New Orleans community. The firm, founded in 1942 by brothers David and Harry Herman, has helped thousands of victims receive compensation due to the injuries they endured by others.</p> <p>HHK specializes in helping people throughout New Orleans who have been involved in a devastating accident such as a motor vehicle accident, instance of medical malpractice, industrial accident, toxic chemical incident, accidental electrocution, and wrongful death. Additionally, the firm has handled several class action lawsuits on behalf of mass tort injury cases. Over the last 70 years, the firm has played a significant role in shaping the national outcome of class action lawsuits.</p> <p>The skilled legal staff at Herman Herman &amp; Katz aggressively defend their clients in the court of law and seek justice from the negligent party. The firm works on a contingency plan, which means their clients pay nothing until their case is won.</p> <p>One of the firm&rsquo;s most recent victories involved a child who suffered brain damage due to medical malpractice. HHK helped the family receive a verdict over $24-Million. Likewise, during a class action lawsuit involving cigarette manufacturers, HHK&rsquo;s client received a significant settlement of $25.5-Million. The team of attorneys at the firm fully understand what it takes to help their clients and passionately push large pharmaceutical and insurance companies to provide these victims with the compensation they deserve.</p> <p>&ldquo;We know that families come to us because a tragic event has changed their lives. Most families come to us wounded and weary. We understand that they depend on us to aggressively pursue justice on their behalf. We consider this a sacred trust,&rdquo; said Steve Herman, Managing Partner at Herman Herman &amp; Katz.</p> <p>About Herman Herman &amp; Katz</p> <p>Founded in 1942 by brother attorneys David and Harry Herman, the family-owned law firm has remained in the Herman family for over three generations, helping injured people throughout the New Orleans community achieve justice for their injuries. The firm aggressively represents their clients, earning a reputation for being tough, gritty and well-respected.</p> <p>For More Information</p> <p>For more information about Herman Herman &amp; Katz or to request a free case review, please visit <strong><a href=""></a></strong> or call 844-285-0251.</p> <p>Media Contact<br />Jed Cain<br />Herman Herman &amp; Katz Law Firm<br />Address: 820 O Keefe Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70113<br />Phone: 844-285-0251<br /><br /> <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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