Camping in Mukteshwar Is Now More Enjoyable, Thanks to This Company

Mukteshwar Camp Ensures to Provide All the Facilities to Tourists Who Opt to Utilize Their Camp

<p>Those who are fond of an exciting vacation may be interested in this news. Mukteshwar Camp says they are offering excellent facilities at their camp so those who wish to undertake <strong><a href="">camping in Mukteshwar</a></strong> can enjoy their stay to the maximum.</p> <p>Mukteshwar is situated on the high ridges of Kumaon of the central Himalayas at a height of 7500 ft. above sea level. During sunset and sun rise, the entire surroundings of their camp that is situated in the midst of apple and peach orchards and snow-clad mountains, blend with nature, points out <strong><a href="">Mukteshwar Camps</a></strong></p> <p>In addition to this, visitors can enjoy the specialties like outing in the jungles, blazing campfire, endless cups of tea, daydreaming and workshops conducted about forestry. Tourists can reach Mukteshwar easily by vehicles like cars, jeeps and buses. They will not find it difficult to park their vehicles because a lot of space is available for parking.</p> <p>Mukteshwar is about 51 kms. from Nainital. 72 kms. from Haldwani and 343 kms. from Delhi. The place is popular for its fruit orchards. The temperature of the place varies between 3&deg;C and 27&deg;C.</p> <p>As far as facilities pertaining to foods at their Mukteshwar camp are concerned, there is a special tent having all kitchen equipment, utensils and also Bar-be-ques for cooking hygienic and tasty food for the tourists. Guests can specially request for changes in the menu.</p> <p>Tourists have various options like Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine as well as local delicacies. Tea/Coffee and snacks are also provided. Tourists can choose between Vegetarian &amp; Non-Vegetarian menu. Separate tents with dining tables are available for serving hot food.</p> <p>Mukteshwar Camp adds they provide accommodation with mattresses, beds and sleep bags. The accommodation they provide have facilities like running water flushes and toilet paper along with fully-equipped with W/C toilets. Similarly, there are separate bathing tents with buckets, mugs and soaps and fresh running water. Tourists can enjoy Bon Fire with light music also.</p> <p>Tourists can indulge themselves in various kinds of adventure sports activities as well as indoor and outdoor games. They can have the spectacular view of the Kumaon valley from the camp site. There is a hole in the rock and this and the natural lattices at the place are considered the signs of battle between the Goddess and demons.</p> <p>The famous 350-year old Shiva Temple at Mukteshwar has earned the place the name Mukteshwar Dham. Devotees can worship Devi Parvati and her son Ganesha also in the temple.</p> <p>The Indian Veterinary Research Institute at Mukteshwar is one of the oldest institutes in the area and it was established in 1893. The institute is popular for developing and researching veterinary sciences, genetics, animal nutrition and bacteriology in India.</p> <p>About Mukteshwar Camp</p> <p>Mukteshwar Camp is offering excellent facilities at their camp so those tourists who wish to undertake camping in Mukteshwar can enjoy their stay to the maximum. Apart from providing excellent accommodation facilities, they arrange foods also. The place has many other attractions and so, tourists can enjoy their trip by staying in their camp.</p> <p>For Media Contact:<br /> URL: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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