Crowdfunding Campaign Launches To Teach Children Musical Notes Through A Fairytale

"The Wonderful World of Musical Notes" aims to be first step in a revolution of musical education for children.


Italia, Italy - A new Kickstarter campaign has launched that seeks to provide the first important step towards the revolution of musical education for children by way of a child’s first fairytale eBook.

The campaign is seeking to raise $8,025 by March 19th, 2016.

The book, written by Erika Zoi, combines a teacher with twenty years of experience in the preparatory phase of musical material, with new multimedia technologies. While this eBook it appropriately begins with ... "once upon a time", that’s where this fairytale becomes unique.

Zoi says "The Wonderful Word ...." is the first important step towards the revolution of musical education for children who will be amazed by follow the tale of the notes, with the colors, with graphics, animation, and with the request of his speech small games, or small applications that allow him in a simple and playful to learn the seven notes of music.

Zoi states that because children naturally approach their world of sound, its natural to use tools known to him in the contemporary world to learn the basics of music to form a strong foundation. Taking this natural inclination to explore sounds and combining it with the technology of the iPad along with books leads to learning the notes that are the beginning of the student's path.

Zoi created the first book/eBook that tells a fairy tale world of notes and leaves imprinted in the child, thus creating his first musical culture.

The campaign is offering several different rewards for backers pledging €5 or more. At that level, backers will receive a bookmark to print with the dell eBook graphic. A €50 pledge gets the backer a New Year 2017 Calendar sent monthly through out the year with custom graphics of the book and a reserved copy of the eBook. At the €250 level, Zoi is offering backers an autographed copy of the eBook, a Calendar, a Plaque for recognition and gratitude for being a supporter and acknowledgement of thanks written in the eBook .

More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at

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