Crowdfunding campaign launches to complete 110 page Graphic Novel

"Disparity" is a 110 page character driven Graphic Novel incorporating drama, action and romance.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-8358" src="" alt="emperorjones2-15" width="314" height="230" /></p> <p>Bendigo, Victoria, Australia - A new Kickstarter campaign is seeking to fund the graphic novel, &ldquo;Disparity&rdquo; written by Ben Singleton. Disparity is the story of James, a man pushed out of the company that he started, with a number of lingering questions. When he's offered the answers, he jumps at the chance. But the people answering the questions don't necessarily have his best interests at heart.</p> <p>The campaign is seeking to raise $4,971 by March 19.</p> <p>The creation of Disparity began almost 2 years ago. In the original conceptual phase, it was initially to be an epic ongoing saga set in a post-apocalyptic future. While there's still some traces of that which are teased in upcoming volumes, the story has evolved into a character driven story that incorporates drama, action and romance. "In a way, I'd envision this as actually being a prequel to the story that I originally wanted to tell." Singleton said, "I had a premise for the original story, but when I sat down to ask myself how the world came to be exactly where it was, I found a more compelling story in how the fallout between 2 friends changed everything."</p> <p>The script has already been completed for this volume, and the story and layouts weigh in at around 15,000 words.</p> <p>The project has truly taken on an international flavor. The artist for this project, Ari Syahrazad, was hand-picked from a list of over 60 possible artists. Based in Indonesia, he has completed the concept work and is currently inking the novel. The project Colorist, Jose Exp&oacute;sito, originates from Spain and thus far has perfectly captured the essence and style of the work.</p> <p>The remaining work on the project and the focus of the Kickstarter campaign is the inking, coloring, lettering and printing. The artist is contracted for 3-5 pages per week with artwork to be completed by October. The colorist is anticipating a similar timeline to completion. Once each of these elements is complete, the novel will go to print, allowing for a fourth quarter 2016 delivery of the final product.</p> <p>The campaign is offering several rewards for backers. At the $10 level, backers can get a digital copy of the completed Graphic Novel, as well as a wallpaper for their computer. Their name will also appear in the rear of the book on the thank you page. A $35 pledge gets backers a hand signed hard cover copy of the graphic novel. At the $95 level, backers can get a hand signed copy of the hard cover book, as well as a display case designed and manufactured by Focal Point Design. See pictures in description. Additional backer levels combine a multitude of gifts for the donor.</p> <p>More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Contact:<br />Ben Singleton<br />Phone: +61 0409 964 398<br />E-mail:</p>


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