NYC Flaggers Invasion Shakes Up The Big Apple

A brief history of the breakout trend of flagging, as told by Jeff Hettinger and Xavier Caylor


New York, NY - In his article about flagging, Xavier Caylor states, “Flagging has attained exposure and accessibility in many new media; the art form appears in music videos, CD and magazine covers, movies, documentaries, websites, football halftime shows, and community events. Flag dancing has also expanded into other demographics; no longer seen as an exclusively gay art form, flagging is now enjoyed and embraced by conventional society.

Now that flagging has grown into a community of artists, it has much easier accessibility and heightened visibility. Flag dancing has begun to attract the attention of dancers in other disciplines such as poi, staff, etc. Our art form has evolved to the point where we have joined the greater artistic community of Flow Artists, learning from other disciplines and sharing our art.”

The NY Flagger Invasion was formed in 2013. Jeff Hettinger explains, “ We got free entrance for a group of about 15 and we started invading various venues. The lack of clubs supporting Flaggers, and the fact that fewer Flaggers were going out to and being seen at clubs was a concern. This art form is usually carried forward at the club setting from one individual to the next. Without that club setting many people don't get exposed to flagging. Getting the energy and the love of flagging back into clubs is important to me and it is a Gay art form that is both a community and fun.”

Flaggers showing up en mass to clubs and showing them that the first couple of hours can be transformed from empty space to a beautiful garden of colors and dancing. The goal is to keep showing up en mass until producers can be talked to and convinced that it is a great idea to court and invite the flagger community.

Jeff Hettinger says, "I have been Flagging for the past 16 years. I have had the great pleasure to work with and learn from some of the early members of the rebirth of the art form. Many people took this art to they're graves during the 80s, leaving us with only a few who knew the art. Candida Scot Piel is one who carried the art forward and spawned a new rise of the art. We are here to continue that tradition."

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