Salon House Calls Announces Grand Opening Offering the Los Angeles Area an Location Salon, Spa and Pet Grooming Services

There's no doubt there are many times when a salon service is much needed, but it's just not convenient for a person to get down to the stylist, barber or nail technician.

Time for many people, especially in a city as on the go as Los Angeles, can be incredibly short. But that doesn't mean a person doesn't want (or need) to look and feel their best. Enter mobile stylists with the new company Salon House Calls, who are delivering a creative way around this challenge. Salon House Calls offers premium quality salon, spa and even pet grooming services, all delivered directly to the client's home or office in the Los Angeles area. The early response has been enthusiastic.

“We saw a real need in our city for a way to help women and men meet their salon and spa needs, while helping them remove more challenges from their schedule,” commented a spokesperson from Salon House Calls. “The same quality experience one would expect from a top quality salon – except delivered in the most convenient way possible. It's a real win for clients.” says Kady, owner of Salon House Calls.

According to the company, "both hair and eyelash extensions are popular choices, and the stylists have a tremendous amount of experience in both areas". Other highlights include blowouts, hair styling, cutting, coloring and much more. Don't worry about the salon smell or harsh odor of hair color lingering in your home.

"With ammonia free, ppd free, low odor Calura Color on hand, you won't have to ever not look your very best!"

Salon House Calls is always available to discuss any client needs for future projects and assignments.

For more information be sure to visit or give them a call 323-834-9664

Kady / Dee Dee
Salon House Calls
Phone: 323-834-9664
Address: Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA,
United States


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