Safety guidelines and riding etiquettes of Airwheel self-balancing intelligent electric walkcar

No matter what kind of vehicle, the safety guidelines and riding etiquettes are essential to have a safe riding both for riders and for passers-by.

There are several issues about the Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter safety guidelines. For Airwheel riders, especially for green hands, do wear safely gears while riding Airwheel. Make sure your helmet is comfortably fit and qualified for safety protection. Riders may wear glasses, elbow/knee pads according to their own experiences. Please do not ride Airwheel when you are under the weather or affected by alcoholic/drugs and not able to follow the instructions on the manual.

Please stop riding immediately when Airwheel starts alerting for low battery or over speed. Charge your Airwheel intelligent electric scooter in time to ensure safe and smooth usage. Make sure to power off Airwheel before moving it. Do not lift Airwheel on the wheel in case your fingers are caught between the tire and case. Check your Airwheel carefully for any loosened or damaged parts every time prior to usage and do not ride before proper troubleshooting. Steering with your body leaning against the control shaft is very likely to cause accidents and injuries. Always make sure to keep one-fist distance from the control shaft and the handle bar. Do not lean against the control shaft, this contributes to most of the accidents.

As for the riding etiquettes of Airwheel intelligent electric walkcar, riders need to learn and abide by local laws and regulations when riding Airwheel. Be careful and considerate of others, and take precaution of accidents and collisions. They ought to ride at safe and proper speed and make sure your Airwheel is under control. Keep yourself a safe distance from pedestrians and vehicles and always be prepared to stop. Respect pedestrians and avoid startling pedestrians, especially children.

When approaching from behind, announce yourself and slow down to walking speed when passing. Pass on the left whenever possible. When approaching a pedestrian from the front, stay to the right and slow down. Keep a safe distance from other Airwheel riders and always avert from obstacles. Unless there is ample space for other pedestrians, please do not ride side by side with fellow Airwheel players.

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