Online Dating Site Cherry Blossoms Launches New Native Chat Service

New Functionality Comes Complete with Games, Picture Sharing and Translations to Help Users Connect with One Another in a Meaningful New Way

<p>Cherry Blossoms, the original&nbsp;<strong><a href="">international dating site</a></strong>&nbsp;committed to helping Western men meet&nbsp;<strong><a href="">Asian women</a></strong>&nbsp;for romance, love and marriage, is incredibly excited to announce the launch of their new chat. This new chat service is designed to not only create the best possible experience for their users, but to make it as easy as possible for people to connect with one another and find true love on the World Wide Web.</p> <p>The new Cherry Blossoms chat includes a wide range of different features designed to help people all over the world get the most from their online dating experience. Perhaps the most important is audio video chat functionality, which helps create a new level of intimacy which is often lacking in online dating environments. Users can text and video chat simultaneously or switch from text chatting to video chatting and back again, making conversations as lively as possible on their own terms.</p> <p>This new chat also offers real time translations to help people find true love as effortlessly as possible. Real-time translations will take live text chats and translate them into the user's native language in the user's chat window. According to the Cherry Blossoms staff, it was designed to be as accurate as possible and will actually interpret incoming messages instantly, eliminating issues that can harm the flow of a conversation like miscommunication or having to use an external translator.</p> <p>"We consider this to be more than just a simple chat platform," said Mike Krosky, president of Cherry Blossoms. "We see this as a tool that our members can use to make getting to know one another easier than they ever thought possible. It's an outlet that makes it easy to laugh, to share photos and more, all while playing games and having the time of their lives. Every decision that we make is focused on the user experience and the new chat is no exception."</p> <p>The new Cherry Blossoms chat also allows users to play games with one another, helping to keep everyone entertained in a brand new manner. It currently allows users to pick from one of 27 different two-player games, creating a great opportunity to start a conversation in a unique and fun way or add to a conversation that is already going on.</p> <p>Some of the other features of their new chat are: photo sharing, a chat history, emoji&rsquo;s and stickers. Photo sharing allows the transfer of image files. The chat history which allows users to go back in time and look at every conversation they have had with another user. The addition of emoji&rsquo;s and stickers are also a cute and quick way to add expressions to an online conversation.</p> <p>The Cherry Blossoms Inc. originally began as a magazine in 1974. Always embracing innovation wherever possible, the company soon evolved to offer one of the first international dating sites on the Internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Above all else, Cherry Blossoms states, their aims are to create a safe and welcoming platform for members to use to post profiles and communicate with others around the world.</p> <p>Those interested in trying the functionality of their new chat for themselves are encouraged to do so by visiting the company's official website at today. Registering for a new Cherry Blossoms account is completely free and can be accomplished in seconds from a Web browser of choice.</p> <p>Contact:<br />Company: Cherry Blossoms Inc.<br />Contact Person: Mike Krosky<br />Address: P.O. Box 190, Kapa'au , Hawaii 96755<br />Phone: (808) 889-0101<br />Email:<br />Website:&nbsp;<strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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