Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent electric hoverboard to make their appearance in the 2016 CeBIT

Being the first model of Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, Airwheel S5 must live up to attendance of 2016 CeBIT.

<p>14 Mar.-18 Mar. will see the 2016 CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The 2016 CeBIT is still scheduled to take place in the famous Hannover fairground whose area reaches as much as roughly 450,000 square metre. Throughout the history, a peak attendance of this event attains 850,000 visitors. This global even is intended for ICT (Information Communications Technology) products. Airwheel will not miss out on this golden opportunity, which is to offer an outlet to present itself to the European customers and enhance the fame of its electric self-balancing scooters. Airwheel boasts its two-wheeled intelligent scooters such as S3, S5 and S6, which enjoy the great international popularity across the globe.</p> <p>S3 is likely to make its debut in the European market. Being the first model of Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing <strong><a href="">airboard</a></strong> , Airwheel S5 must live up to attendance of 2016 CeBIT. This is a credit to Airwheel, who is endowed with stylish design and the advanced technology. The sleek and contoured bodywork surely will meet the aesthetic demand of European customers. Different from the customers in other regions, those in Europe are particular with design and fashion. Airwheel S3 might be an obvious choice to present at Airwheel booth in the 2016 CeBIT.</p> <p>In most possibilities, Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S6 will attend the 2016 CeBIT. Airwheel S6 differs from S5 and S6, for it is equipped with no shaft. At the same time, both the sit-on and stand-on mode of ride are wrapped into Airwheel S6. For a rider, he could stand on Airwheel S6 for a ride and at the same time he could choose to sit on the comfortable saddle for an effortless ride. The dual mode of ride will be the most impressive feature of Airwheel S6. In the 2016 CeBIT, it ten to one will take those picky customers aback. Therefore it is absolutely a good tactics to let Airwheel S6 displayed in the booth of Airwheel.</p> <p>Media Contact:<br />Company Name: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd<br />Contact Person: Eric<br />Address: Los Angeles, California, USA<br />E-mail:<br />Website: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p>


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