The newly launched book “The workshop of Happiness” will guide the readers

Author Cristina Spinola has launched her new book “The workshop of Happiness” which is meant to guide the readers in overcoming the obstacles in life and achieve happiness.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-10171" style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" src="" alt="cristinaspinola" width="200" height="314" /></p> <p>The book, recently been launched on Amazon aims to lead the reader to the path of true happiness and where they can follow their dreams and passions. She has created this book with her own personal experiences and of people around her to provide a step by step guide to readers for living a better life.</p> <p>Cristina states, that she went on to free herself from social and cultural boundaries to discover the best version of her while traveling on her bicycle around the world. Inspired by her experiences throughout the journey, she wrote this book to help people in overcoming their fear of failure and finding their passion.</p> <p>The book The Workshop of Happiness: Tools and Ideas for Creating the Life sheds light on ways and habits that can be inculcated into one&rsquo;s personality to help them in improving themselves and identifying the true potential. Since 2014, the author was on a biking trip around the world while writing the book too, with her last destination in Patagonia. As a journalist, TV reporter and writer she has been traveling and exploring the world since 2014 and until the publication of this book she has been in twenty-two countries on five continents.</p> <p>During her journey, she also attended group conferences on gender equality and women&rsquo;s empowerment owing to her own experiences in cycling and traveling alone in countries such as Africa, India, Asia, New Zealand, United States of America and Mexico. Her personal blog also speaks in detail about her adventurous journey which started in Africa.</p> <p>She has turned author to help people in becoming free and passionate about what they do which led her to develop the book, The Workshop of Happiness. The 80 pages of the book are written in easy to understand manner, with personal examples and references. The book is currently&nbsp;<strong><a href=";qid=1457103553&amp;sr=">available on Amazon</a></strong>&nbsp;in both Kindle and paperback formats. More about the author at&nbsp;<strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p>Contact:<br />Cristina Spinola<br />Phone: +573116030006<br />Address: Santa Brigida, Las Palmas, Spain<br />Email:</p>


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