Genesage Offers Life Insurance Policies to People with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Leading life insurance company, Genesage, helps people throughout the UK with pre-existing medical conditions obtain quality, affordable life insurance.

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One of the UK’s leading life insurance companies proudly offers life insurance policies to people throughout the UK, even for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Genesage, the London-based life insurance company, has aided thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom to find and purchase quality, affordable life insurance for several years. The company is highly rated by their clients as well as those throughout the industry for providing expert advice, quality rates, and individual plans that suit their clients’ needs and budget.

“We pride ourselves on being an independent specialist in the life insurance industry,” said Peter Thomas, CEO of Genesage. “Our expert team of professionals have been in the industry for decades; they are familiar with the common and complex questions that the public have regarding finding and purchasing a life insurance policy. We have helped thousands of people, those with a clean bill of health, as well as those with pre-existing conditions such as heart attacks, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. We help them find affordable life insurance so that if something happens, their family will not need to stress over finances,” he adds.

Genesage specializes in helping people find, negotiate, and purchase affordable life insurance. In addition to helping people with pre-existing conditions buy affordable policies, the company is also a specialist in helping families protect their loved ones when work-related disasters happen. Genesage has offered life insurance policies to those in high-risk occupations such as firefighters, law enforcement, and people in the Armed Forces. “These occupations are incredibly important to our communities, and our country, but statistics have shown that many people who are working in high-risk jobs often find it difficult to find affordable life insurance. Insurance policies offered through their work, or purchased independently, are often too expensive for these people to afford. This results in people with high-risk jobs to forego on buying a life insurance policy. At Genesage, we believe that everyone should carry a life insurance policy – especially those brave people who put their lives on the line every day for the sake of the community and country. We are dedicated to helping people find quality life insurance policies that will meet their budget,” Peter said.

About Genesage

Based in London, Wandsworth, Genesage offers competitive life insurance quotes to people throughout the United Kingdom. The specialize in helping people with diabetes and other pre-existing conditions and high-risk occupations find quality life insurance for themselves and their loved ones. The company has been recognized as one of the leading life insurance companies in the industry throughout the UK for their passion, dedication and providing expert advice to their clients.

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