Best Gym in Santa Clarita Is Offering Top-Rated Schedule of Classes

Strike Krav Maga, a Gym in Santa Clarita, has recently announced that they will offer a top-rated schedule of classes.

<p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-10686" style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" src="" alt="stuntmanben36" width="235" height="235" /></p> <p>Gym in Santa Clarita, Strike Krav Maga, is the indisputable leader of self-defense training in the greater Los Angeles area.&nbsp; Krav Maga is a training program that envelops various combat techniques like akido, judo, boxing and wrestling.&nbsp; It was founded in 1981 as a way to instruct people on how to physically protect themselves from dangerous situations. They guarantee that they are able to provide realistic training for real-life scenarios.</p> <p>Krav Maga is the preferred training program for the United States Law Enforcement and Military agencies.&nbsp; Their instructors have experience in training almost 1000 military and law enforcement personnel.&nbsp; All instructors have an in-depth understanding of the program as they are specially certified for the Krav Maga program.&nbsp; Their&nbsp;<strong><a href="">gym in Santa Clarita</a></strong>&nbsp;location is the most recent entity to open its doors in the Los Angeles community.</p> <p>Strike, a Krav Maga charter and&nbsp;<strong><a href="">gym in Santa Clarita</a></strong>&nbsp;, opened in 2014.&nbsp; The owner has created a unique and unparalleled gym experience by combining the defense techniques of Krav Maga with strength and conditioning exercises.&nbsp; They happily provide Santa Clarita residents with group-style classes that focus on self-defense and overall fitness.&nbsp; The goal of these classes is for their clients to develop a stronger sense of their surroundings and increase their safety and fitness abilities.</p> <p>The well-trained staff at Strike prides themselves on creating realistic training programs that provide applicable techniques for real life dangers.&nbsp; Their gym in Santa Clarita does away with any training methods that are not practical or useful for realistic confrontations.</p> <p>About Strike Krav Maga</p> <p>Strike Krav Maga&rsquo;s gym in Santa Clarita is a self-defense training program designed to protect people from real-life dangerous situations.&nbsp; Their location in Santa Clarita happily serves the greater Los Angeles area.&nbsp; For more information about their top-rated group classes, visit their website at&nbsp;<strong><a href=""></a></strong>&nbsp;or call 661.295.2005.</p> <p>Media Contact:<br />Bonnie F.<br />Company Name: Strike Krav Maga<br />Phone Number: (661) 295-2005<br />Address: Santa Clarita, CA<br />Email:</p>


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